Friday, May 17, 2013

Samsung Electronics is the First to Develop a Core Technology for the 5G Mobile Communications

Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed a core technology to transmit and receive data in the latest 5G mobile communications environment, becoming the first company to do so in the world.

5G is the next generation network hundreds times faster than the current 4G mobile communications network. This will enable users to enjoy 3D movies, game and Ultra High Definition (UHD) contents using their smart devices.

Maximum transmission speed for the 5G mobile communications is expected to amount to dozens of Gbps. This allows transmission of a UHD movie within seconds.

Samsung Electronics succeeded in the development and preview of its technology which gives over 1Gbps transmission speed in the super-high frequency band of 28㎓ and up to 2㎞ transmission distance.
Technology to transmit and receive Giga level data using superhigh frequency (over 6㎓) was never before developed by any corporations or organizations globally.

Allowing for depletion of resources in mobile communications frequency and in order to realize much faster speed, 5G will be using a much higher band frequency than the current frequency of hundreds of ㎒~ several ㎓ used for mobile communications.

However in the super-high frequency band, issues like frequency loss and shorter transmission distance may occur. Samsung Electronics resolved this challenge with its adaptive array transmission reception technology using the 64 antenna elements.

Aiming commercialization by 2020, Samsung Electronics plans to research and develop in full-scale the core technologies for 5G mobile communications including adaptive array transmission reception in a superhigh frequency band.

Latest development by Samsung Electronics is expected to encourage further research for 5G mobile communications around the globe and thus speed up 5G related international standardization works and its service commercialization.

Race to win supremacy over the next generation mobile communications technology is getting intense with China setting up a government-led IMT-2020(5G) Promotion Group for 5G development in February and EU Executives making decision to invest 50 million Euros for this year alone to target service commercialization by 2020.

Success in developing an adaptive array transmission reception technology brought us closer to commercialization of a 5G mobile communications using super-high frequency band, remarked Kim Chang-yong, Head of DMC Research Institute (Vice President) at Samsung Electronics.

Source: Samsung Media


  1. Everybody knows the quality, market share etc about Samsung Phones. Being an electronics guy I wud like to add one thing... This development is not related to mobile development rather it is a milestone in wireless communication. According to this standard other mobile companies have to design their handset to make them competible with samsung 5G standard protocol.

    1. yes exactly :)
      Many people might miss it.