Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why Mr Electron, Why? Why so Negative?? (part 2)– Understanding Negativity and its Origins.

Note: This theory is the sequel to Why Mr Electron, why? Why so Negative?? (part 1)– Understanding Negativity. In this post I have also proposed 'Aasthik's Theory of Origin of Thoughts and Emotions'.

Scientists and psychologists tell us that thoughts have frequencies. Many claim that thoughts are waves and hence have frequency. Hence the term ‘Thought Wave’ has come into being. We know that electrons orbit the nucleus with certain frequency. They also spin on their respective axes, that also has some frequency. So we can consider them to be the fundamental originator of frequencies. Remember the phenomena – ‘Resonance’ and ‘Coherence’? Think about it! 

I am proposing a theory here. Lets call it the ‘Aasthik's Theory of Origin of Thoughts and Emotions’. When a group of electron are in coherence and/or vibrate with a same frequency they give rise to a resonance phenomenon. As a result of this Coherence and/or resonance, a particular frequency becomes dominant and a thought wave is generated. As an example, when you are hurt, electrons of that body part vibrate with a particular frequency and hence a thought wave signalling the brain is generated. The neurons in the brain interpret the signals and associate the emotion ‘PAIN’ with this thought wave, thus signalling the brain to take some action. On similar lines other emotions and thoughts like happiness, pleasure, sadness can be explained. 

So at the fundamental level, thoughts are nothing but waves produced by electrons vibrating in coherence. We human beings have attached feelings and interpretations of thoughts giving rise to positive and negative thoughts and  emotions. This interpretation of ‘Pain’, ‘Fear’, ‘Pleasure’ i.e. positive and negative thoughts and emotions have been passed on from one generation to another since time unknown. There is nothing wrong with thoughts or words, until we attach a meaning or a feeling to it. As an example, same word in one language means a totally different thing in some other language. 

I don’t claim this to be an absolute theory. However, I do like to say that this explains many things. Some of you might argue that since electron is made up of quarks and is not the fundamental element of nature this theory should fail. However, even if you go at the most basic level, at the plank scale, you would find ‘The String Theory’. Even those strings vibrate with a frequency and the same theory can be applied to these strings – just replace electrons with strings!

So now that we have some idea of Origin of Negativity, lets proceed to have a look at the effects of Negativity.Click here to go to the next post.

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