Sunday, June 16, 2013

Life is not Boolean or Binary but Fuzzy Logic! (part-1) - The First Post.

"Life is not Boolean or Binary but Fuzzy Logic!" - Vishal Gupta

I am sure someday, hopefully very soon, people will be quoting me. ;)

Now that is not over-confidence or arrogance but, a believe in Self and God. Anyway to continue, I plan to write a series and posts, of which this is the first one.

The aim of this series of posts its to make people understand that Life is not about Yes and No. There's a lot of 'May be' involved. We can not simply neglect this 'May Be'. In fact this World hangs on a lot of 'May Bes'.

Secondly, coming from a technical background, and since I also interact more with the technocrats and engineers, it makes sense for me to use technical and programming jargons to express my views.

So lets start with this topic for today and lets take 'Success' as an example.

So lets say, you started working on a Project, (whether you're a School Student or a College Student or a Professional) - what is the ultimate aim? To complete the project? No! Usually the aim is to produce result. What kind of results? Desired Results!

Now, hold that thought for a moment. And Analyse it. What happens if we get the desired result - we are called Successful. And what happens if we do not get the desired results? We are termed as Failure...

But the point is my friend, that is a wrong way of labeling things. That is what corporations call - 'Result Oriented Approach'. That is a short-sighted approach. Most companies perish because they focus on Instant Results. Long Term Objectives and Vision is required to establish oneself - as an organization or as an individual.

You DO NOT FAIL when you DO NOT GET the Desired Results. You DO NOT SUCCEED when you GET the Desired Results. Because Life is NOT BOOLEAN.

You have succeeded when you learnt something during the course of the Project. You have succeeded when you developed as a Person during the course of the Project. You have succeeded when your effort is used as a stepping stone by Some-one else, may be even many years down the line, to get the desired results.

In word's of Sachin Tendulkar - "Success is a journey... during that Journey there are stones thrown at you and you convert them to milestones"

Lets use the Boolean value 'FALSE' to denote 'Failure' and 'TRUE' to denote 'SUCCESS'. Now, FALSE is represented using 0 and TRUE as 1. Fuzzy logic says that the result can be any decimal number between 0 and 1.

So if you DO NOT GET the Desired Results its not that you have FAILED or Scored '0'. You have learnt something in the process, and may be you're in position 0.2 or .35 or .5 or even 0.99!

Always remember Edison failed 1000 attempts to make a bulb. And he is still quoted "I did not fail, I just learnt thousand ways of how not to make a Light Bulb!"

See in every attempt he kept on moving towards '1' i.e., Success and achieved it.

So if you fail once, or a certain number of times, and in your heart you truly know that you have been learning things and you truly believe that you can achieve something, Try Again!!

Luck is for the Bravest! And remember...

Life is not Boolean or Binary but Fuzzy Logic! 


  1. very inspiring post and blog. keep it up :)

    1. Thank you :)
      Appreciation always encourages to do better.

  2. Yup life is fuzzy logi...
    very intersting blog sir :)

  3. thanks for such wonderful views....
    i have just started to read your blogs..
    And i think i am already becoming a fan of your's...
    keep it up sir!!!