Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ordinary is the New Special…

More than often, we respect people who have some kind of achievements. That achievement may be an IIT or IIM Degree or a Nobel Prize or perhaps a ‘Bharat Ratna’.
Though we do that a lot and its good to appreciate achievements; what really makes me wonder is the fact that do we realize the contributions of people who are around us?

I am talking about people who might have not achieved much or may be nothing at all when you compare them with the people who have masters of their fields.

The most important lesson I learnt as a part of Samsung was the fact that every work is important and every Job has dignity. I learnt to respect all professions.  A security Guard is as important as the VP of the firm. They are just doing their respective jobs.

The most important members in our lives are not ‘that great’ when you measure them by the criteria of the Nobel Laureates but they have played an important role in our existence.

Don’t Agree? May be your don’t understand?

Fine. Let me explain is to you with some examples.

Lets start with a simple quiz-
1. Name the 5 Most Wealthy people of the World?
And no – sorry – Google is not allowed.
Hmmm… So you don’t remember? No Problem. Try the next one-

2. Name the last 5 Miss Universe?
Ok. Don’t remember this one too? No problem. I am sure you would know the next one-

3) Name the last 10 people who won the Nobel Prize?
Oh! You don’t know this too? I thought you would easily answer this one…

Why do you think you don’t know?

The Point is, many of us won’t even remember the Headlines of a Week ago. Some of us won’t even remember the headlines of Yesterday…

Even though the question was about the people who are the best in their fields; who are famous; people who are popular.. you failed to answer. Now why is that?

Applause Dies, Awards Are Tarnished and Achievements Are Forgotten!!

Let’s give ourselves a second try. Shall we?

Here’s another quiz.Let’s see how This one goes:
1. Name 5 teachers who aided your journey through school.
2. Name 5 friends who helped you through difficult times.
3. Name 5 people who taught you something worthwhile
4. Name 5 people who make you feel special
5. Name 5 people you enjoy spending time with..

Easier, right?

The people who 'Made a Difference' in your life are NOT the ones with most awards and loads of money…Life is Full of ordinary people who have made the world a better place for you!

Cherish them!
Hold Them Tight! Don’t let them slip away…

How do we not let them slip away?

May be we should appreciate them often. Share our gratitude and let them know their importance in our lives…

They might be Ordinary… but perhaps sometimes its Special to be ordinary!

Because today… Ordinary is the new Special Smile

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