Monday, June 10, 2013

What does Vishal Mean? - Mis-conceptions about My Name (part-1)

There has been various mis-conceptions regarding my name. Some people call me Bittoo, others call me Vicky, BIT Mesrarites would call me Himesh and some in the literature community might call me Aasthik. My parents named me Vishal ;)

So this series of posts will clarify why so many names and the mis-conceptions and confusions circling them. While many of the readers might not be interested, this is just for fun anyway :)

So in the first post lets discuss about What 'Vishal' actually means and why are the mis-conceptions associated with it.

Usually people think that 'Vishal' means 'Big' or 'Huge'. Actually it is not so.

The word Vishal was originally meant to describe two things-
  1.  A state of mind - Supreme Consciousness
  2.   Greatness or Grandeur


Let me give you one simple Example, in English we say 'The Great Himalayas' and in Hindi/Sanskrit we say 'विशाल हिमालय'

In short Vishal means great, grandeur, magnificence,prominence, illustriousness and eminence. The meaning is also attributive to the property of being grand.

Detailed Explanation:

Vishal refers to the greatness, grandeur and magnificence of attributes and quality of wide range of things including metaphysical, conceptual, physical, even geographical size supernatural, humans, living beings, objects or even immense reach of something e.g. ideology, popularity, superiority, power, influence.

There is no exact translation for Vishal in English. It is not limited to physical size. Vishal has an implied connotation of being wide, broad, huge, spacious, reach, influence, intellectual attainment, great size or a great expanse.

Some of the few interpretations include:
·         immense
·         the unstoppable one
·         the one who dreams impossible dreams
·         the one who reaches for the sky and is creative beyond all understanding
·         great
·         grandeur
·         magnificence
·         prominence
·         illustriousness
·         eminence
·         supreme consciousness
·         broad minded

Religious Significance:
Supreme Consciousness
Vishalta (Hindi & Sanskrit: विशालता) comes from the word Vishal and is a state of mind that is often embraced by different religious and spiritual leaders in India. The word embodies the ultimate state of selflessness, or belief that the body, mind, and all worldly possessions belong to God. One in a state of Vishaltha believes that the body is only a tool for carrying out the wishes of the Lord.

Vishal is also a deity in Hinduism. He is the brother of the blue god, Vishal Ukani.

It has been suggested that one of Buddha's favorite resorts, Vaishali, was named after King Vishal, a ruler during the times of Ramayana. There exists a large, but ruined fort, which is believed to be built by King Vishal.

To conclude…
Vishal means supreme consciousness, Great, prominence, eminence, immense, grandeur, magnificence and illustriousness.

Interesting stuff, eh?

Seems like my parents had thought a lot before naming me?? Not quite!

Why they name me Vishal, will be covered in the Next post.

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