Saturday, June 1, 2013

Why doesn't the Almighty GOD stop people from using his name for destruction and creating divisions?

Ummm. Many people have asked me the same question multiple times and most of them are engineering students who understand a bit of Software Development and Programming Jargons.

So this article is going to be one of its kind.

Let me explain it to you in a way you could understand.

Think of God as a Programmer. He created a Hardware Package called the Multi-Verse and a Software Package along with it. Now since it was a complex system he used combination of Complex; Amortized; Genetic algorithms (you may keep adding Random Algorithms; Dynamic Programming; Greedy Algorithms to that list) but more importantly Artificial Intelligent algorithms and created variables (vectors; hash-tables; dictionary; segmented tree - all kinds of advanced data-structures) which he called Mankind.

now he also added a Garbage Collector (called Death) but since the system is so complex that sometimes we have dangling pointers; dead-locks; and Page-Faults which results in misuse of this Garbage Collector and sometimes some code-segments just crash! (9/11 and 26/11)

But then the Software is already being used (or in simple words- program is in running state). And so he can not interfere now. All he can do is provide revisions which he does by introducing "Patches" and "hot fixes" like Rama; Krishna; Prophet Mohammed; Jesus Christ ; Gautam Buddha and Swami Vivekananada.

However its a work in progress (you know debugging is such a pain in the a** [sorry for using that offensive language but only that does justice to the explanation] even when its your own damn code) and he's the lone Super-Coder out there working on the Project.

Did you realize that I used nesting (of brackets []) in the above para? After all I am a Programmer and Engineer at heart ;)

But more importantly he had programmed the AI system so that the AIs could use the power to develop; but  unfortunately the AIs started using same power to destroy each other. These anomalous behaviors can not be corrected without destroying the whole AI.

He did that once and the first versions of AIs - the Dinosaurs were wiped out. He had already COMMENTED in the code that he would do that again when this particular instance of the program (technically called Process) completes execution (which is the last day of Kalyuga referred to as the 'Judgement Day' by Christians and 'Kayaamat ka Din' by Muslims)

I hope this was a simpler answer to a complex question for a techie by a techie from a technical perspective for all technical purposes.

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