Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why no blog posts lately?

If you read my blogs often you might have been wondering what kept me away from one of my hobbies i.e. blogging?

Some people have specifically asked me about some of my promised articles (which I had promised to publish but did not).

Well I have been wondering the same after completing my day for last couple of months or so :P

Here's my daily schedule for last month: Office Work; Facebook; Research about interesting things; Quora; You tube; Work some more; do photography; learn few more things through internet; on YOUTUBE  watch Sachin Tendulkar Videos (and realizing that I would no longer have the opportunity to see another incredible ODI innings from my Role Model; which kind of makes me sad) . 

After I am done doing all these things I open up my blog; write a few para and then realize that I am very sleepy and also think that this post is rather childish and needs modifications to be published; at which point I simply save the blog posts as drafts!

So I have a big chunk of blogs to be published. 

These are some of the reasons for almost negligible number of blog posts on any of my 12 plus blogs (yeah is just one of them!)

To be honest the main reason why I did not write a blog post is because I did not had the urge to write one. I write blog posts only when the feeling for writing the blogs overtakes every other emotion and work. Only when I can not resist the urge to write; I write a blog!

I believe that has to do with my nature or my personality. I am very intuitive and feelings oriented person. Most of my decisions in my life are intuition & feeling based. Somehow I developed this one thing which has helped me the most. I guess it has to do with the up bringing I had and the experience gained through meditation and other spiritual activities.

My decisions  based on my intuition (or Super conscious part of my brain) are more successful and correct that I take based on logic (or conscious brain). I can’t explain it; I just know it.

So breaking the barrier was required and hence this post. I will be publishing more meaningful articles in the coming days.

Till then sit back; relax and have fun. And yeah; don’t forget to thank God for whatever you have achieved in life so far. And in case you’re an atheist thank your friends or family members or colleagues or even a stranger; the important thing is to have than feeling of gratitude. It will unlock lots of other opportunities ( both seen and unseen ) for you!

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  1. ?/I write blog posts only when the feeling for writing the blogs overtakes every other emotion and work./?

    THIS - feeling never comes for me of late!!! :P