Sunday, September 1, 2013

Reasons I believe I have one of the best jobs in the World.

Most people compare success in Job in terms of package. Others do it on the basis of your organization or on the basis of your Job Location.

I hate when people compare a person's talent in Package or Job Location. You may be earning 100 crores, you may be in Andromeda Galaxy, but if you're not satisfied with a your job, I don't think that's a good thing. 

According to me, It’s not just the 'package' but the overall PACKAGE (Position, Power, Nature of job, respect, following, ability to make difference to a life etc.) that matters.

A brief intro: I recruit for Samsung India Electronics - Software Engineering Lab Noida. 

The Joy that comes from THAT Smile:
I am not sure if you will understand this or not, but if you remember your first selection for the job, you remember the feel and the smile that you had when the results were announced.

Seeing those Smiling faces is what I love the most in my Job. Those smiling and 'I can't believe I got the job' expressions are priceless. No salary in the world can be comparable to that moment.

Ability to Make a Difference:
Sometimes and it happens a lot in the recruitment process, many good students miss the cut-off for tests or because of nervousness fail to create a positive impression in the Technical Interviews. As an HR you, in certain cases (within certain boundaries of-course), you may get the candidate re-interviewed.

And if after re-interview, the candidate is selected, you know you have made a difference. And even if he/she is rejected, you know that you gave them the chance they deserved. 

After all, a good recruitment is one, in which a good candidate must NOT be rejected.

Position & Power:
Imagine the chance of visiting all premiere institutes of India. In last 18 months, I have covered 20+ NITs and 5 IITs, and about a dozen other reputed institutes like DTU, PEC,MIT Manipal etc.. Recently I also got to recruit from my own college (BIT Mesra). Before attaining age of 25, I had covered 22 states of India, and to me, that is more than any Package.

You have a responsible position, to recruit the best, to judge a person, and also the power to select or reject (within certain boundaries of-course). Some of the decisions that are taken decide a person’s career.
Directors, Deans, HODs and Training & Placement Officers from  these institutes ask for your feedback an opinion and even change their course structure/curriculum based on your feedback.I get to decide which college to visit first, when to visit etc.

You also get to offer help through Sponsorships etc.

And not to mention the stay at the 5* Hotels & other facilities. ;)

Interacting with some of the Best Brains of the Country:
Needless to say, as a part of my job, I get not only to interact but to interview,some of the best brains in our country.

Nature of Job:
Also, think about the travel costs (Flight tickets, Road travel charges etc.). Most people take weeks off to go and visit places, while I get paid to visit those places.

You get to interact with people from different cultures, learn new things and explore different places. You get to explore mother nature and your motherland. If you're a patriot like me, and passionate about your country you would definitely understand the happiness it gives me.
As I already mentioned I graduated from BIT Mesra in 2011 with BE in IT. I joined Samsung as R&D Engineer (Fresher through Campus Placement) and within 8 months became Asst. Manager in Recruitment team of Samsung Electronics (despite not having an MBA, but because of the skills I gained in College.)

Within just 2 years into the Job, I have been to all those colleges we discussed about as a 12th Standard student and recruited from there. I remember the times, when we all wanted to get into the best possible colleges.

Respect & Following:
If you have been a part of Placement Committee as a student coordinator you know how royally the HRs are treated. You're respected as well as feared. You're invited as Chief Guest/Guest Speaker/Guest of Honor at various institutes including "Instiutes of National Importance" i.e. IITs, NITs and IIITs during their HR meet, Tech-fests etc.

Salary has the least priority. I earn a lot more than most of my friends. I can't be sure about all, because many are earning in different countries and that comparison is much more complicated as it involves currency conversion, inflation calculations, income tax laws, and more importantly, the difference between CTC and Gross Pay of different companies.

Its not only that I earn a lot, but also offer a lot. Today I visit IITs, NITs, and other premier engineering colleges, offering packages that most people dream about.


  1. sir
    hi,,,good meaning of all the above terms. you seems to be prophet to me.

    1. That will be a complete exaggeration. :)
      I am just another human being with my own flaws and virtues.

  2. Really sir,after reading and understanding this blog i can say that it is just not about the package but overall package.

  3. Really sir, after reading and understanding this blog i can also say it is just not about the package but overall package.