Saturday, January 4, 2014

A question everyone needs to ask...

Usually, when I am not writing blog-posts, I am learning, observing, reading and absorbing information and experience. I have had this thought for quite a while now, and tonight, I think the time has come to share it with the world.

A lot of important events have taken place in the last year, for example-

  1. Arvind Kejriwal became the CM of Delhi
  2. A newly formed part - 'AAP' came to power.
  3. Sachin Tendulkar retired.
  4. Jacques Kallis retired.
  5. Rahul Dravid retired.
  6. Narendra Modi has become one of the two favorites (other being Kejriwal) to be the next PM
  7. I have a new boss at the Office!

 People are now debating-
1. whether Kejriwal or Modi should be the PM.
2. the future of AAP.
3. Sachin, Dravid, Kallis - who is greatest?
4. MS Dhoni or Saurav Ganguly who is the best captain India has ever seen.

Usually such discussions and debates take place in our daily lives - between  friends, classmates and colleagues. It happens on Facebook, blogs are posted, pics and videos are shared. More often than not, Mud-smearing is used to prove one's point.

Reminds me of some TV advertisements between two rival companies to promote a similar product. A company 'A' having product 'X' tells you that its product 'X' is better by telling you that the product 'Y' by company 'B' is bad. The thing to understand is, X being good has nothing to do with how good or bad 'Y' is.

Why are you trying to prove that Dravid is better by saying Sachin doesn't have this record or vice-versa?
Why are you trying to prove that Kejriwal is good because Modi is bad (biased against certain religion)?
Why are you trying to prove that Android is good because Windows/iOS doesn't have this or that?

The question we all need to ask is-
"What is my qualification? Am I in a position where I can judge Kejriwal or Modi or Sachin or Kallis?"

I too have made these mistakes in my life, and today I feel like what a fool I have been. We humans are emotional being. I know for a fact that in future, I might make another mistake like this owing to certain situations. However, since I have realized this fact, I will try to keep my mind to be alert when such things happen.

This is because I realized, to criticize Kejriwal or Modi or Sachin or Dravid or to criticize Dhoni's decision to let Ishant Sharma be a part of the team, I should have a better understanding of politics and cricket then the people in scrutiny. But wouldn't I be a fool to do that?

Am I bigger administrator Kejriwal? No.
Do I have more experience than Modi in running a state? No.
Have I played cricket at International Level to understand game situations, pitch & weather conditions? Certainly not. Then how can I compare Dravid to Sachin or their innings?

It is rather easy to criticize people. In fact most of us enjoy it. Criticism gives us pseudo-satisfaction. The reason is simple. When we haven't achieved something ourselves, we feel good by criticizing others who have actually achieved.

So next time when you start criticizing any one or any product, remember to ask yourself one question - "Do I really stand in a position to criticize the person/thing?"

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