Saturday, January 4, 2014

Answering Interview Questions (Part 1) - "Why do you want to join Samsung?"

(In this post, I have used 'Samsung' as an example. You can replace it with any other name that suits you and proceed accordingly).

As an Interviewer, I ask a lot of questions. And I get a lot of answers too. Some are brilliant while others are so dumb (talking about answers not people) that you feel like -

'I don't want to live on this planet anymore!'

Interviewers, usually, aren't dumb most of the times. ;) We too have our confusing moments!

However, whatever questions we ask, we have a reason. Even when we ask standard questions to which most candidates have already mugged up the answer, we have a hidden agenda ;)

Sometimes we slightly twist the questions at other times we ask the same old traditional questions. But when we ask traditional questions, we are looking for an Innovative answer.

One of my favorite questions is 'Why do you wish to join Samsung?'. According to me, it's one of the top 5 most important questions in the interview. We are looking for a candidate who is passionate about working  with the organization, someone who is excited at the prospect of joining one of the most Innovative companies in the world today.

Some of the most common (and boring & dumb) answers are:

  1. Samsung is a brand
  2. Samsung is leader in Mobilephones
  3. Package is one of the best
  4. Its a Innovative Company
  5. Its offering a profile which I like
  6. Job Location is near to my hometown
  7. Its a Multinational Corporation.
  8. Its my dream job.
Most common answer is 'Samsung is a brand', but when asked what they mean by 'brand' they're not able to explain properly. Simple questions like these are accompanied by follow up questions. And answers like these do not help your case for selection.

However, there are times, when we meet some really good candidates who are really passionate about the company. In this post I am going to mention some of the best answers that impressed me-

1. Sir, I would like to join Samsung, because its been my dream. (Now, 90% of people say that). May be if I try harder, I may get job at Qualcomm, Microsoft or Google, but I am from a rural background. My mother, friends and relative do NOT know Qualcomm, Microsoft or Google, but they know Samsung. Its a household name. We have a Samsung TV and a phone. When I told my mom that I was going to be interviewed for job at Samsung, she was thrilled. Samsung affects more life and is closer to people in comparison to the other competitor companies. We also can not compare Apple or Nokia, because Apple is not so famous in most part of India and Nokia is only about phones. But my friend has a Samsung Washing Machine, another relative has a Samsung Refrigerator. Hence joining Samsung would a matter of pride for me.

2. Sir, when I was in 12th, my father brought me a b'day gift. It was a mobile phone. My first mobile phone. I helped me a lot. I loved it. It changed my life. Now I have an opportunity to join Samsung and contribute in the development of another similar gadget which has potential of making others' lives better. I would be a fool to miss out an opportunity like this. And it goes without saying the package that you're offering is icing on the cake.

3. Sir, who would NOT like to join Samsung? You already gave us so many reasons to join Samsung. You mentioned in the presentation how companies like Apple, Nokia, HTC, Dell, HP, Sony are using Samsung's technologies - (Memory, RAM, display, touch, batteries, processors etc.) inside their own products. Who would not like to work with a company that manufactures Chipset for iPhone, Screens for Dell & HP and LCD Panels for Sony?

4. Sir, to be honest I wasn't sure. I have another offer from 'XYZ' company. However, after watching your presentation, I learned a lot about Samsung. I did not know about the diversity of Samsung. Now I know its the World Leader in not only mobiles, not just electronics but in construction, heavy machinery, ship building. I am simply amazed by its vastness. And most important thing is sir - you. The way you presented it was awesome. I have seen presentations of many companies and in your case one thing stood out - You are passionate about your job and Samsung. You clearly love your job and are proud of it. My elder brother is HR in 'LMN' company and I know that  - 'a company where an employee really loves his job is a company worth working for.'
[Now some people might debate this answer, claim it to be flattery, I felt genuine sincerity in the candidate's answer. And he indeed joined Samsung leaving the 'XYZ' company's slightly better offer.]

5. Samsung is multinational conglomerate (again, many people start and end here). As you mentioned we get to work with people from different countries and hence different cultures - Korea, Europe, Nepal, Israel etc. Its a global company which gives onsite opportunities. I have always dreamed of working in a great organization and touring the world. As a Samsung employee I have opportunities to do both at the same time. Though I understand there will be a lot of competition, all I need is to work hard and prove my abilities, which I am sure, I will be able to do. However, I do not want to roam around the globe for sight-seeing. I would like to learn from people from other countries. Learn their best strategies and practices and see if they can be implement in Samsung India & my country India, thereby contributing in development of both of them.

Now, I am sure, there were many more such answers that impressed me. But I don't remember some of them, and I can't share all of them. BTW, don't mug up these answers. I am sharing this knowingly so that you get an idea as to what your answer can be. But if you give me the same answer, I assure you, I will trap you in a follow-up Question. 

So don't mug up the answers. Appreciate the brilliance and intelligence of the people who answered like that, learn from them. But don't rely on their brain - it worked for them, may or may not work for you. Use your brain. Be honest. Come up with an answer that personally connects you to the explanation. 


  1. Excellent post Vishal!!! And the icing on the cake was the "trap you with a follow-up" ;) A much needed one.

  2. Excellent post Vishal!!! And the icing on the cake was the "trap you with a follow-up" ;) A much needed one.

  3. Excellent post Vishal!!! And the icing on the cake was the "trap you with a follow-up" ;) A much needed one.