Saturday, March 1, 2014

And He Was Told - (Part 2) - He was mentally retarded and he could never be an Engineer.

As promised, this series of posts will continue to provide you with Motivational Stories of people who were declared failure by the Society, and how they proved themselves and the fact that nothing is impossible to achieve once you put your mind, body and soul into it.

In words of my friend Arun, "Only famous people will have awesome comeback stories in their life? Think again!! Prasen was not a CEO who was turned down earlier by Multinational company , Prasen has no multi-million dollar company started, after getting rejected by a social media giant. But what he has achieved is on par or even better than what those famous guys have achieved. Think again!!! Your source of motivation cannot only be - 'cannot only be' - famous people. Sometimes they are your friends, neighbours or even the guy next to you. Like Prasen here."

You can read the Part-1 of the post here.

Once Upon a Time...

There lived a guy called Prasen. He lived in the same locality as that of Vicky. The two were infact classmates. While Vicky was the topper of the batch, Prasen was a designated failure. He flunked twice in 7th Standard. He wasn't at all good at studies (academically) and he clearly wasn't interested.

[ I realized that Vicky's success was not that big a Success after all, because he anyway was the topper most of the time during his schooling. But the case of Prasen is a different one. While Vicky was good academically, but lacked awareness, Prasen wasn't good (academically) but was aware. I believe Prasen's Succcess is bigger than Vicky's. ]

He only had one passion, one love - Cars. Considering the tender age, he had an exceptional knowledge of cars. He was very much excited, interested and involved in cars. He would mug up all the details of every new launched Car in India, their technical specifications, the difference in the models etc.

He was child-like, a lot naughty, but had a good heart. Though his mischiefs landed him into trouble, he never meant to harm anyone. He also was very outspoken which was often interpreted as arrogant. Prasen and Vicky were good friends. Same class, same neighbourhood, same school. They often went to School together in their respective bicycles. Cricket was their favourite sport, though they also played other games like Hide-N-Seek, Badminton, Video Games among other things.

Vicky was good at maths while Prasen hated it. Vicky always tried to teach him to help him, but his questions were too much for Vicky to handle alone. Prasen wasn't able to solve basic algebraic equations.

But Prasen had a dream. He wanted to be an Automobile Engineer. Vicky talked about Prasen's dream with friends and neighbours, to which one of the neighbours remarked - "How can he become an Automobile Engineer? To be an engineer one must be good at maths."

Neighbour No.2 added - "Forget about enrolling for Engineering, I bet he wouldn't even pass 12th standard".

Neighbour 3 continued - "That is not a good thing to say, its not his fault that he is mentally retarded!"

All these were some of the elderly and respected members of the neighbourhood. Their views had an impact on Vicky's mind, and he took the statement of Neighbour 3 for face value, assuming that since Prasen had failed twice in 7th standard, something must be wrong with him. Luckily for Prasen he did not hear those exact words, but Vicky believes that Prasen obviously knew because of the behavior of the people around him.

You have to understand that Vicky was also just a kid at the time. He believed what he was told by the respected members of the neighbourhood.

And you know the funny thing about the story?

Something happened in the last 6 years! Something incredible. Prasen is currently an Assistant Manager in BMW.

And He Was Told - "He was mentally retarded and he could never be an Automobile Engineer"


Moral of the Story: Just because someone is academically poor doesn't mean that he/she is mentally retarded or inefficient. Real life has different types of Examinations. [My own Words :P]


  1. interested to know about that last 6 years ?
    could you explain ... :P

    1. He worked on his skills. Did a course in administration and business management. Came up with ideas that worked wonders for BMW.

  2. interested to know about the story of that "last 6 year"... :P

    1. He worked on his skills. Did a course in administration and business management. Came up with ideas that worked wonders for BMW