Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Neither Modi nor Kejriwal will be able to develop India. Want to know Why? Read on...

Let me begin by saying that today, I see most people following blindly. Some are following BJP, some are following AAP. And people are not stopping from attacking each other on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, other social networks and even personally.

I don't understand how can people be so blind?

Someone says "Modi Laao Desh Bachaao"  and the other one says "Kejriwal ko PM banao, Bhaarat bhrastachar mukt banao"

Neither Modi nor Kejriwal will be able to Develop India.

Let me tell you something, if you're dreaming that either Modi or Kejriwal will develop India in the next 5 years, you're going to be disappointed. Neither Modi is a magician nor is Kejriwal.

If someone can do it, its only YOU. Yes you have more power than Modi and Kejriwal. What they can't do, you can! You are the key to developing India.

If anyone can Develop India - Its YOU

Just yesterday, someone on FB pinged me the following message:

May I expect these 7 solutions from Modi? 1. Toilet facility for each and every house of my country. 2. Ban on community/ religion based reservations. 3. Withdraw special status to kashmir 4. A strict population policy to cut down the growth of population 5.Reconstitute POTA to eliminate root of Terrorism 6.Rapid industrialization and divert 50 crore people ( partially employed agricultural work force) towards industries. and consider agriculture (farming) as an industry 7. Nationalize the agricultural land holdings and follow Israel type in land allotment to farmers... Please spread the same..!

I was not able to understand why he sent me that message. And why would somebody ask Modi to do these?

Seriously, if you can not take initiative to arrange for a toilet facility in your locality, you are useless like any other arm-chair critic and you have no right to complain. 

You may say, I don't have time. Let me ask you this- "Do you think you are busier than Modi? Or Kejriwal for that matter?" 

You may say,  "I don't have funds". People here are able to raise 2 lakh dollars. Lots of NGOs are there, what else do you need?

Do you as a citizen of the country have no responsibility towards the nation? Is only Government responsible for everything?

The point is, even if Modi or Kejriwal come into power they will not be able to do anything because:
  1. People will still bargain with the poor street vendors while spend a lot on branded items on Shopping Malls.
  2. Youth is more attracted towards materialism and western culture than working for the development of their area.
  3. Indians are still fighting over who is better Modi or Kejriwal.
  4. People don't talk about development now, they are only busy debating who is worse. 
  5. Even AAP and BJP are both desperate to win. Win has become more important to both party and their respective party supporters rather than development of India.
  6. Alcohol cigarettes and now even drugs are being assumed to be 'Cool'.
  7. We are more concerned about a Cricket Match than what is going on in the country.
  8. We will still bribe the TTE in a train and Traffic Police on the road rather than submitting the actual fine.
  9. We still do NOT have the guts to raise voice against the corrupt and the criminals.
  10. We still want to stay away from all these dirty people so that we can remain "Izzatdaar" in the society!

Be honest to yourself and answer the following questions-

  1. What good will a debate on Facebook do?
  2. What results will allegations and counter-allegations generate?
  3. What is the benefit of mud-smearing on each other?
  4. What is the use of debating to the extent that you reach irrationality and start abusing?
  5. What good does it do for the society when all you do is shout, complain and blame?
  6. Why can't WE bring the change?
  7. Why can't WE work for the development of India?
  8. Why can't we take out sometime to teach in a nearby school?
  9. Why can't we just donate our used stuff to poor people immediately ( I mean we usually do, but after we have made the stuff almost useless)?
  10. Why can't we simply help people anyway we can?
Mahatma Gandhi has said - "Be the change you wish you see in the world."

Why can't we all understand that the road to success goes through Collaboration and not competition. Why can't we all work together?

Why are we still divided on basis of Caste and Religion? What happened in Past let it be in the past. I did not suffer, you did not suffer, why punish the new generation which had nothing to do with the past?

I am ashamed to say that many educated and respected people in my friend circle still talk in a hatred tone about a particular religion/caste. And let me tell you both this is done by both Hindus and Muslims alike.

Why can't we understand that we're first Indians, and that no religion has ever asked to abuse/kill/disrespect other religion and its followers?

We still share agitating pics and status on Facebook, to what end?

Let me tell you this, once and for all, Neither Modi nor Kejriwal will be able to develop India, until we change ourselves, our attitudes and our habits.

Yes, Together WE CAN and WE WILL!


  1. Yes, we as individuals need to change our attitudes before we criticize our leaders. जैसे प्रजा वैसे राजा!