Friday, March 28, 2014

What is wrong with Arvind Kejriwal? Never thought I would write this article, but the time demands an exception.

The time I had started my blog, , I had thought that I will  try to follow Benjamin Franklin's statement as much as possible - "I will speak ill of no man, and speak the good I know of everybody."

Hence forth to my knowledge, I have never written a blog post against/criticizing someone. And I had never imagined that my conscience will be forced to write this article, but the time, situation and the future of my country demands an exception.

Not so long ago, I have been a supporter of AAP and Arvind Kejriwal. If you don't know that, you should check my article in which I have appreciated Kejriwal -

I went as far as to donate Rs. 7000 to AAP for Mahasamund District constituency very recently on 15th March 2014.

My donation details.
In fact, I had even created a Facebook Event so as to encourage my 3700+ Facebook friends to follow the trend. But let me be clear, I have always believed that we need BJP in power with Narendra Modi as PM with AAP as opposition and Kejriwal the leader of Opposition.

I still appreciate many AAP Leaders but I can not longer support Arvind Kejriwal. And this blog is about why I cannot and why I prefer not to.

Now, before you start to read my beliefs/opinions, I want you to go through this video. Its a 40+ minute video on youtube, so only if you're a patriot who has patience to see the full video should watch it. Link:

The video clearly exposes the two faces of Kejriwal. Now if you don't trust the video or Mr Rajat Sharma or the media in general, I would like you to consider my following points/questions (the questions are for Kejriwal/AAP Supporters/readers):

1. Do you think Anna Hazare, Dr Kiran Bedi and Mr Anupam Kher are fools? Here are Anupam Kher's views:

2. Do you really think that "There is no Narendra Modi wave" as claimed by Mr Kejriwal on Camera? [As shown in the first video, he has something else to say off the record though.]

3. Do you really think that "there is NO development in Gujarat", as claimed by Kejriwal? [This will mean that you think that people of Gujarat are fools]. And since Gujarat is NOT developed, and because there is a lot of Corruption in Gujarat Government, shouldn't you be fighting election against Modi from Vadodara [if he can fight from two places, you can too. Anyway you don't go with the law. Contesting from two seats is within the law.]

4. Isn't Kejriwal's behavior impulsive and now hasn't he become very arrogant?

5. What logic does he have to contest against Narendra Modi from only Varanasi seat? What is the objective? Because if the objective is to stop Modi from becoming MP/PM he has to be stopped from both the seats, right? What will he gain by contesting against Modi?

6. Why does he have to organize special meeting with only one specific religious community? 

Why not a separate meeting with each religious community then? Why leave behind Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis; just because they are few in number and not good enough for Vote Bank?

7. Why are you fighting elections when you said, no MLA of Delhi will fight elections?

8. Why your and your party's Facebook page or twitter accounts are posting only about Modi? Why I don't see the same attention to Rahul Gandhi and other corrupt UPA leaders like PC Chakoo, PK Bansal, Mayavati, Chidambaram?

9. Why did you tell us that you have 370 page proof against Shelia Dixit before elections and after elections you asked BJP to submit proof instead?

10. Why did you promise us to fight against corruption, when you actually did nothing of the sort? Why did you not take the fight to the end? JanLokPal bill is not the only way. Why could you not take up proofs against Frauds and register cases in High Courts/Supreme Courts and file PILs?

11. On what grounds do you call Narendra Modi a Communal and a Murderer, when you have No proof whatsoever, and when Supreme Court has acquitted Modi?
[I also criticize Modi when he calls Kejriwal a Pakistan agent]

12. During the time of your service, you took leave for studies, came back and went on leave again; and tried to claim your salary at that time? Neither it was moral nor legal and later you had to agree to the court/enquiry commission.

13. Why did you not pay the electricity bills? And encouraged people to do the same? And what about people who paid? Agreed that you ordered audits into pricing but then why not pay the damn bill? Why mislead public? Aapko ko kuch nahi hoga janab, but baaki jin logo ne bill nhi diya unhe to bhagwan hi bachaye.

14. Why the hell would you keep 90% reservations for Delhi students in Delhi University? Aren't you dividing the nation? Just because I wasn't born in Delhi, I can't study there, even if I have merit? And will this not bring down the quality of students in Delhi? Is Delhi a separate nation? Or you want to make it separate just like your party worker wants to give away Kashmir?

15. You told us, that people of Varanasi will decide whether you will contest or not. Then you organize a meeting with Muslim leaders in Delhi, ask them to come to Varanasi. You sent 1000 AAP supporters before going to Varanasi to set up tents, offices etc.. Then you take 22 buses full of people from Delhi.  Then you plan your Varanasi rally in Beniabagh ground in Varanasi which is situated in the midst of the Muslim locality. Link:

You are organizing a rally, so by default people are there to support you. They will say what you want to hear. Was it a true referendum? It doesn't seem that way. You did not launch a missed call or SMS campaign to see the real.

16. Why did you bring up Ram Janm Bhumi in Kanpur rally when no other party was talking about it?

17. How is that you have suddenly forgotten about Scams of Congress Government and Robert Vadra and Sonia Gandhi?

18. How can you say "Everyone in the media is corrupt and I will put everyone to jail'? They covered you so much when there was Anna Hazare movement, they also covered you during state elections. I understand that there are channels owned by political parties but how the hell can you say everyone is corrupt? Aren't journalists "Aam Aadmi'? Why do you have journalists in your party then? Are you more of an "Aam Aadmi" then other journalists? And then why are some channels defending you? Here's your comment on Delhi people which was edited by CNN IBN.

19. You say Congress members are joining BJP. So you did not welcome any Congress/BJP members into AAP? Where did Binny come from sir? And you were defending them on 'Aap Ki Adalat' when Rajat Sharma asked you those questions?

20. This party was supposed to be Aam Aadmi Party, right? People with clean images were to be contesting elections. So why Actresses and people with alleged Naxali Connections [Soni Sori from Bastar - one example]  are contesting elections? Just because you can generate a vote bank through them. Bastar is a naxalite area, Soni Sori, is an 'Adivasi' with alleged naxal connections who claims that Government did wrong things to her [Read her wiki page people here]

Long story short: She comes from a political family of Congress and CPM. He father was Congressi sarpanch for 15 years. She had some fights with another congress MLA who registered FIR against her. For last 10 years BJP is ruling in Chhattisagarh. She claims CG Govt had played dirty  [which makes no sense, as she had fight with a Congressi MLA]. She says police molester her, and her cousin herself is a  DSP in Jagadalpur Police Force.

My simple question is, there are still doubts about her. Why not give ticket to some other candidate with a Clean Image as promised?

21. You did not pay your electricity bill and hence there is a case filed against you, by your rule of clean image [you yourself mentioned 9 criminal cases against you, in election commission form] why are you contesting elections this time? Specially when you had said no MLA of AAP will contest elections?

22. You did referendum to form the Government but not when you resign? You just announced in a Barkha Dutt interview [who was under investigation for Radia Tapes and 2G Scam!!] that you do not have time to take referendum. You did NOT have time to do what exactly?

23. I understand that BJP has corrupt and criminal politicians and that they play vote bank politics, how are you different from them now? 

24. Earlier your goal and your party's goal was to develop India and help it get rid of corruption, not it has become to win elections at any cost. Why? [This will bring your downfall Mr Kejriwal].

25. I am not saying you're B Team of Congress or BJP. But somewhere down the line, you have deviated from your goal. You have become arrogant [also pointed out by Anupam Kher in the video]. I clearly see this. I underwent through a similar situation when I was graduating from BIT Mesra. I know from experience, you will fall face down, and you will learn to be humble, after this election.

26. Have you not seen the Mr Raza [your candidate from Kashmir] express his emotional disgust against Hindus on TV Channel?

27. You talk one thing behind the camera and other in front of it? Why Mr Kejriwal, why?

28. If you can't see the development in Gujarat, why can't you get your eye-sight corrected? May be you need a new lens? I went to Gujarat Mr Kejriwal, twice, in 2013. I have talked to Autowalas, Security Guards, hotel staff, faculty, students you name it. They all praised the Government. One autowala said "Jitna development Modi ne 15 saal mein kiya hai Congress 35 saal mein nahi kar payegi". He can see the development, you can not?

29. You say there is no Modi wave? I have traveled to 23 states in the country in last 2 years, I can see a Modi wave clearly. I interact will taxi walas, hotel staff, clerks, the real "Aam Aadmi". I don't usually talk to these so called "Social Activists" or "People with political backgrounds". I can also see that states Governed by BJP are more prosperous than others. Why can't you?

30. You just want a victory in the elections Mr Kejriwal, you have no plans about what you're going to do about afterwards. I have seen your videos. When people ask you question on policies you always say "Safety of the minority and women come first, finance policies do not matter much" First of all, you need finances to run a country. Secondly, lets say, I agree that safety of minority and women come first. What are you going to do about it? Tell me specifics of your plan, because, last time too, you promised a lot of things, but couldn't do anything.

31. Why are you or your top members not contesting in Rae Bareily against Sonia Gandhi?

32. Before elections you said though Delhi police is not under Delhi Government Hum sabko thik kar denge. Abhi power mein nahi to itna kar diya, power mein aake kya karenge socho?
Kya kiya Kejriwal saahab? What did you do Sir? Even you started saying that what can I do. Delhi police is not under me. [You had made mockery of Sheila Dixit for the same statement before elections]

After you win Lok Sabha Elections, you will say, What Can I do. Central Government can not interfere. This is a matter of State. Fir hum kya karenge?

Sir jee hawa mein baatein aur vaade to baaki neta bhi karte hain... hum to soche the AAP alag hoge... par lagta hai hum galat the.

Though this post will be published at 6 PM today, I want to tell the people I wrote it at between 4:45AM to 6:05 AM. I haven't slept. I have been doing all kinds of research to be as factually correct as possible.

Congratulations Mr Kejriwal, you must be proud today, because today, You have turned an Aasthik (a believer) into a Critic. You know, you gave us hope, you made us dream, and then one by one, you took it all away. You have been the biggest disappointment.

I do not say, I am right, in fact I wish to God that I am wrong, because if I am right, people of India will have a difficult time in accepting any revolution in the coming future.

On a lighter note, if Kejriwal doesn't reply to my questions posted above, it will prove that he is corrupt, communal, power hungry and anti-nationl [by his own logic] ;) 


  1. Very well compiled. This man is in self-destruction mode.

    1. Thank you for your time to read the article and provide your valuable inputs. Really appreciate it. :)

  2. I dont think you have researched it as well as you claim to have done. Please do a re-research.

    1. Dear Deepak,
      I appreciate your views. I am not forcing my views on you or anyone else. I wrote what came to my mind, heart and soul. Thats what I do. My posts are straight from the heart/soul.

      Now, I have asked 32 questions. If you feel that those are wrong, feel free to answer them.

    2. @deepak please share your research then to prove his points wrong.

    3. @deepak if you are not satisfied with his research share yours to prove him wrong..

  3. Please report whatever taints/allegations you have against a candidate. They're still asking the public to do so and that they would withhold the candidature in case they find some.

    1. Avi,

      Appreciate the time you took to go through the post and drop your comment (despite of the captcha and other stuff).

      However, my problem is, who will conduct "the Probe"? They themselves will, right? Thats my point. They did not sack Kejriwal, or Binny when he had joined. They did not sack Somnath Bharti (AK said, lieutinant Governer ki report mein doshi hoga, to use step down karne bolenge, par kiya nhi).

      The probe shouldn't be of some inner cirlce. Why do they not implement the policies of JanLokPal recruitment system in their party's selection process?

      That candidates are interviewed, its recorded on camera, and made available to public.