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Why I would Vote for Narendra Modi / BJP (Part - 1) - A 100 reasons to Vote for Modi for PM.

There's has been a lot of talk about Narendra Modi and his candidacy for the post of Prime Minister of India. I am going to give you a special series of blog-posts for the same. Here are a 100 reasons to vote for him (obtained from the Facebook Page NarendraModi4PM 

It wasn't possible for me to research and provide proof for each and everything. However, I have done a bit of research wherever I could, and included the links which I could find. I have also edited and added few more lines.
The overall report can also be seen here to save time.

If anyone reading this has any information about any of the following points being wrong or controversial, drop the proof in comments section. Please note that it took me 4 hours to verify the data (and correct in a couple of places) for the first 20 points. So have included the link in those. Will keep doing so for the rest even after the article is published.

So the 100 reasons are:

  1. Ranked 1st in PM 20 Point poverty alleviation program consistently over last 10 years (Example: In 15 cases Gujarat Govt. Scored VeryGood (meeting 90% or above targets, 1 Good (80% or above), Poor in 4(less than 80%, in case of Gujarat its close to 75% for all cases) - Data from April 2011 to January 2012 to check click here
  2. 4 fold increase in Per-Capita Income – from Rs 19,823 (2001) to Rs 78,802 (2011). Among Major States, Gujarat Ranks 3rd after Haryana and Maharashtra, However, in case of GDP Gujarat trumps Haryana by more than a 100%. Maharashtra does better again, mainly due to cities like Mumbai and Pune. Link:
  3. 1st in providing Employment across the country. Lowest unemployment rate nationally of 1% as per Govt. of India report (To check click on this link, you can also google and check yourself further.)
  4. 85 lakh beneficiaries given direct assistance worth Rs 13,000 cr through 1,000 Garib Kalyan Melas. This is about helping the rural population. (To check click the link here, to read about a personal experience of beneficiary click here.)
  5. Rs 11,000 cr Sagarkhedu Yojana completed. This is about helping fishermen. New package of Rs 21,000 cr under implementation. (Check the link here, a PPT by Narendra Modi, given at the annual plan discussion at the planning commission New Delhi)
  6. Rs 15,000 cr Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana completed at Rs 17,000 cr. This is about helping tribals. New package of Rs 40,000 cr under implementation ( To check click here )
  7. Rs 13,000 cr Shaheri Garib Samruddhi Yojana completed. This project is about urbanization and providing basic amneties. New package of Rs 25,000 cr under implementation. (To check click the link here)
  8. 2.25 lakh Sakhi Mandals provide self-employment to 30 lakh Women under Mission Mangalam with an investment of Rs 1,700 cr. (Check here and here)
  9. Waiver of registration fees on Stamp Duty, for property registered in the name of women. 12 lakh women have benefitted till date, with the government waiving Rs 440 cr (Check here and here)
  10. 250 #Mahila Samras Gram Awards (unanimously elected all women Panchayats) -winning Rs 5 lakh each as a developmental grant
  11. 22 lakh houses built in last 11 years (averaging 2 lakh per year) – as against 12 lakh in previous 40 years (averaging 30,000 annually)
  12. 74% households get drinking water through tap / pipeline
  13. Gas through pipeline to 7 lakh households across the state
  14. 2nd Highest increase in Literacy Rate amongst large states in last decade – 10.6%. 13% rise in Female Literacy – from 58% (2001) to 71% (2011). Overall in large states Gujarat is 3rd highest. (to check click here)
  15. 90.3% School Enrollment – Dropout rate brought down from 22% to 2% (To check click here)
  16. Focus on improvement in quality of #education through Gunotsav
  17. More than five-fold increase in Engineering and Management seats – 22,535 (2001) to 1,23,592 (2011)
    ( To check click here and here )
  18. Colleges increased from 442 (2001) to 1,762 (2011). 31 new Universities (increasing from 11 to 42) - including 11 specialized#universities
  19. 1st Raksha Shakti University in the country. Raksha Shakti University (RSU) is a police science university set up by the government of Gujarat (To check click here)
  20. Only Forensic Science University in the World. We're talking of a specialized University not college. (To check click here)
  21. India’s 1st Petroleum University to enter Geothermal and Renewable Energy sector (To check click here, here and here)
  22. 19 Government Engineering colleges – with fee of only Rs 1,500! (Unbelievable? Check here )
  23. 4,000 new #Medical seats – stemming out-flow of funds to other states.
  24. Distance learning programs through satellite spectrum. Received 36 MHz satellite transponder from GoI – 1st time in the country.
  25. 3 lakh students trained in #English through SCOPE.
  26. EMPOWER program for imparting #computer literacy to 1,000 students in each Taluka.
  27. iCreate – enabling and nurturing entrepreneurship and start-ups. It is guided by an advisory board led by Shri N. R. Narayana Murthy ( Click here )
  28. CM Fellowship – empowering youth to contribute at the highest levels of government.
  29. Sports development - Sports University set up, Khel Mahakumbh witnessed more than 18 lakh participants in 2011 Chess Mahotsav.
  30. 33 Lakh patients attended to by 108 Emergency Service – including around 11 lakh pregnancy related emergencies.
  31. Gujarat Medical Services Corporation recently set up for almost free generic medicines and diagnostic services.
  32. Medical expenses up to Rs 2 lakh per family per annum, for all BPL families, under MukhyaMantri Amrutam (MA) Yojana.
  33. Mother-child Welfare – through eMamta, Chiranjeevi, Bal Sakha, fortified food, Khikhilatvan etc.
  34. 7.69 lakh free of cost institutional deliveries through PPP-driven Chiranjeevi scheme.
  35. IMR reduced from 62 (2001) to 44 (2011) per thousand births.
  36. MMR reduced from 202 (2001) to 148 (2011) per lakh live births.
  37. Annual health check up of 1.5 cr children under School Health Check up Program.
  38. Leprosy free Gujarat – Polio free Gujarat.
  39. Cancer causing Gutka ban not Areca nut.
  40. Nirmal Gram awards for 4,281 Gujarat villages out of 28,000 nationally.
  41. Agricultural Growth Rate of 10.8% over the last decade – against national average of 2-3%
  42. 7-fold increase in Agricultural Income – from Rs 14,000 cr (2001) to Rs 98,000 cr (2011)
  43. 66% increase in Milk production.
  44. Number 1 state in Cotton production – 465% in last 10 years from 23 lakh bales to 123 lakh bales.
  45. Krishi Mahotsav - month long drive to educate farmers in modern and scientific farming since 2005.
  46. 4 lakh new agricultural connections in last 10 years – as against 6.3 lakh in previous 40 years.
  47. 42 lakh Soil Health Cards given to farmers.
  48. 1.2 cr animals treated in 30,000 #Animal Health Camps. Country’s 1st Animal Hostel . 112 animal diseases eradicated.
  49. Land under Irrigation increased by 37 lakh hectares - from 108 lakh hectares to 145 lakh hectares.
  50. 7 lakh hectares brought under Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation.
  51. 6.5 lakh water harvesting structures – boribundhs, farm ponds and check dams – built in last 10 years.
  52. 57 Talukas brought out of Dark Zone.
  53. Water tables rising between 3-13 metres – a rare phenomenon in the nation.
  54. Narmada waters brought to the barren lands of Kutch and Saurashtra and North Gujarat.
  55. SAUNI Yojana at a cost of Rs 10,000 cr - to fill all dams of Saurashtra with flood waters of Narmada.
  56. Balanced 10% average Growth Rate across all 3 sectors (agriculture, industry&services) over the last decade.
  57. MoUs worth Rs 21 lakh crores in 5th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2011 – over 100 participating countries.
  58. Emerging Auto-hub with arrival of the likes of Tata Motors, Maruti and Ford.
  59. 16% Tourism growth rate – against 10% nationally.
  60. 60% share of national Ship-building Industry.
  61. Huge upcoming industrial corridor - DMIC. 150 km long development on both sides of 565 km long Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC). 18 out of 26 districts to benefit.
  62. 13 upcoming Special Investment Regions (SIRs) with world class amenities.
  63. Dholera SIR under implementation – area double of Shanghai.
  64. GIFT city – upcoming international financial hub.
  65. Every district connected through GSWAN - #Asia’s largest optical fibre network.
  66. Interlinking of rivers – including Sujalam Sufalam covering 10 districts.
  67. State-wide Water Grid of 1900 km.
  68. Only state in India having 2,200 km long state-wide Gas Grid.
  69. Comprehensive road development up to last mile – Kisan path, Pragati path, Vikas path, Pravasi path & Gaurav Path.
  70. 24x7 three-phase power in all villages – under Jyotigram.
  71. Power generation installed capacity increased from 9,600 MW (2007) to 15,750 MW (2012) – to be doubled in next 5 years.
  72. Per capita power consumption twice the national average.
  73. Narmada Dam height increased up to 121.92 metres. 1,450 MW hydro power generated from Narmada river bed and canal head power houses.
  74. World’s tallest statue – Statue of Unity – being built in honour of Sardar Patel at SardarSarovar Dam.
  75. Nation’s first river front development project – Sabarmati River Front in #Ahmedabad.
  76. Ghogha – Dahej ferry service under implementation.
  77. Successful implementation of BRTS project – winning various international accolades.
  78. Development through Panchamrut framework – Energy, Water, Knowledge, #HumanResource & Security.
  79. Size of 11th 5 Year Plan increased to Rs 1,11,111 cr – while maintaining a Revenue surplus state.
  80. 12th 5 Year Plan of Rs 3,00,000 cr – unprecedented almost 3 fold increase from previous plan.
  81. Decentralization – 7 new districts and 20 new talukas announced.
  82.  Taluka Sarkar (ATVT) empowering local administration.
  83. Strengthening of #Panchayat Raj institutions – up to Rs 5 lakh developmental spending budget for each Panchayat without tendering requirement.
  84. Tirth Gram Award (Rs 2 lakh developmental grant) for villages without any social disturbance – 1,075 Tirth Grams till date.
  85. Samras Gram Award (Rs 3-5 lakh developmental grant) for unanimously elected Panchayats – 8,428 Samras Grams till date.
  86. Innovative initiative of Evening Courts – fastening delivery of justice with impacting work hours during the day.
  87. On the spot solution to grievances of citizens at Chief Ministers’ Office through SWAGAT online – 2.25 lakh cases resolved till date. Received UN Public Service Award.
  88.  #eDhara – enabling computerized land records.
  89. Transparent NA planning and application process.
  90. Grand celebration of golden jubilee year of Gujarat – Swarnim Gujarat Mahotsav – involving people through initiatives like Vaanche Gujarat, Khel Mahakumbh, Chess Mahotsav etc.
  91. Year-long celebration of #SwamiVivekananda’s 150th bir th anniversary – declared as Yuva Shakti year.
  92. Income from auction of gifts given to CM deposited for girl child education fund.
  93. Supreme Court appreciation of initiatives like Planning of TP scheme land acquisition involving the public, PDS system.
  94. Over 250 national and international Awards – winning almost 1 every fortnight.
  95. UN Awards for WASMO, SWAGAT & #Disaster #Management – Commonwealth (CAPAM) Awards for Disaster Management & WASMO.
  96. Department of Climate Change established – 1st in the nation.
  97. Highest Carbon Credit earner – with 17.28% of national share, valued at Rs 3,500 cr.
  98. Rooftop Solar Power production policy in city.
  99. Canal Top Solar Power generation – on Narmada Canal.
  100. Asia’s biggest Solar Park in Charankha (Patan) – 500 MW capacity.


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