Friday, April 4, 2014

Must Read for All - Requesting both AAP and BJP supporters to come together to exterminate Congress, SP, BSP and other regional parties.

These days, a kind of war is going on:

  1. On Facebook
  2. On Twitter
  3. On Quora
  4. Any random public discussion
The war is between AAP Supporters and BJP Supporters.


And in that war, two things are happening:

  1. People like me, who support both the parties, can just be spectators to the stupidity.
  2. Congress and parties like SP, BSP are hoping that votes will be divided and hence, they will get a chance.
One also needs to understand that people who support both BJP and APP are of two types. I belong to the first kind, people who want BJP & Modi in Power with AAP in Opposition. The second kind, must be clear to you.

My point is, so many allegations, personal remarks and attacks are being organized. Political parties and PR people are making use of it, by posting old videos, old news, which were later rubbished by courts including the Supreme Court of India. And to be open and frank, both BJP and AAP campaigners are equally guilty.

Because of this the current scenario has become like the following:

A Vs B Vs C - AAP Vs BJP Vs Congress

Its like A Vs B Vs C - AAP Vs BJP Vs Congress

Lets be clear, neither BJP Supporters will convert to AAP nor AAP Supporters will convert to BJP. We all have our opinions and lets learn to respect it.

Recently, I have written some posts and an article against Kejriwal. It doesn't mean that I want to demoralize AAP Supporters. I am just presenting my views, my analysis. Take it or leave it. But I also wouldn't want to distort facts and present it to you. I did it because I had very high (moral) regards for Kejriwal. But he gave a couple of statements, which broke my trust and hence the article.

Anyone, the point is... we are going about it the wrong way. If we have something in Common - it is the fact that - none of us would like see Congress win even a single seat. Right?

I am sure, whether you're an AAP Supporter or a BJP Supporter, you want Congress and parties like SP, BSP, RJD, JDU, DMK, eradicated from the map of vote.

So I invite all AAP and BJP Supporters to come together, and make sure, that Congress and parties like Congress do NOT win. For this, instead of convincing each other, we should make it a point to find out people who still think that they should vote for Congress, and educate them.

Its high time, that we share the details of scams and corruption of Congress and open encourage the voter to chose from any of the two - BJP & AAP. See if you try to force your views, a voter WILL react negatively, but when you give them 2 options, they will pick up any one and it will be much better than him voting for Congress.

So the scenario will become like this:

AAP & BJP Vs Congress
 (AAP & BJP) Vs Congress

We all know, how dangerous it can be, if Congress wins 100 seats. They have said, they will join hands with 3rd front to stop BJP and/or AAP from forming the Government.

Now what do you think of that?

Again, I request you two (AAP Supporter & BJP Supporter) to come together and make Congress disappear forever.

Modi and Kejriwal may not like eachother. They may be opponents, but we are not. We are citizens of free India. We all have similar interests. Our ideologies are different. But we all want development of India.

So lets make it happen. Lets spread awareness as to why Congress and parties like SP, BSP, JDU, etc are bad options.


Soch samajh ke Vote Karna mere Yaar!
Abki Baar Modi Sirkaar!!!

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