Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I would like to see Modi as the PM and AAP as the Opposition in the upcoming LokSabha elections.

Disclaimer 0: I had written this post a couple of month ago, when I still thought Kejriwal is a good man. Now I don't. This blog was scheduled to be published later, and I kept postponing it, but on 30th April it got published by default. I still support AAP, but I don't support Kejriwal anymore.

Disclaimer 1: I like both Modi and AAP (Contrary to popular belief, it is possible).
Disclaimer 2: Currently, I support both BJP and AAP for the upcoming LokSabha Elections.
Disclaimer 3: I hate it when Modi speaks against AAP.
Disclaimer 4: I hate it when Kejriwal/AAP speaks against Modi.
Disclaimer 5: I love it when both of them bash Rahul Gandhi.
Disclaimer 6: I think that blind BJP Supporters who hate AAP are fools.
Disclaimer 7: I think that blind AAP Supporters who hate BJP are fools.
Disclaimer 8: This is my personal blog and its to express my views. If you don't like them, please feel free to visit some other articles on the internet which will suit your interests. 

Yes, it's possible to love both Lara and Sachin at the same time. It's also possible to love both Fedrer and Nadal at the same time. Similarly, its possible that one supports both Modi and AAP at the same time. I am one of the many who fall in this category.

Why I support both, I will cover in separate blog-posts in details. But it would suffice to say that no political party is perfect currently, and each one has its pros and cons (except congress, which is only about 'con' and 'cons').

BJP has its share of candidates who are either corrupt and/or are facing criminal charges, while AAP has a lot to learn. Its a very in-experienced team, which has a lot to learn and to prove their mettle.

Also, I have been to Gujarat and I know people are happy there. I have talked to Auto-Rickshaw walas, the Security Guards, the drivers, the dhaaba-walaas, they all feel that Modi has done a lot of work. And when people like them say they are happy with a leader and their government, you just can not argue.

How many times have you see that happening?

On the other hand, I also believe that the constitution was made for the people and not the other way round. Lets be honest here, we copied Britain's constitution with very little or no modification at all. While they have made good changes, we did not. Its also time that we change the system itself. The current system, I believe, passed its expiration date a decade ago. It needs a complete overhaul.

This can only be done by an 'Anarchist' team called AAP.

I also loved the way common people have come up to join a political party. AAP is a party where many social activists and talented people will act as pillars. Medha Patkar's words were truly inspiring when she said "AAP is not a party, its an Aandolan [ lit. Revolution]".

In words of my friend Vikas Verma - "Perfectly said Vishal, Narendra Modi as PM and AAP as opposition. One more reason for the same is that AK has to learn a lot of things before coming into the power. A PM needs to have much more qualities than just having passion to eliminate corruption and other dark issues. This will come with experience. He may learn it best sitting in opposition.
Along with a good ruling party, we also need responsible opposition which AK should eye instead of being on the ruling side.To be very honest, Modi is the best option available as of now but his position, definitely is a clear example of hyperbole and people must understand it."

So I once again re-iterate that I would like to see Modi emerge as the PM and AAP emerge as Opposition in the upcoming LokSabha elections.

But I don't know now who is going to win, because both Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas are going to lose.


  1. Well written and well expressed.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I must say a nice blog.
    It inspired me for creating one of mine ;)

    1. Thanks for the appreciation :)
      Glad to know that you want to start your own blog. Please go ahead with it!