Friday, April 25, 2014

My Department's Passionate Energizer - Mr Amulya Sah - Heroes in My Life

Recently, a contest was organized by Samsung SEC Live, a global competition to promote acknowledgement of work done by our team-mates and colleagues. Somehow I missed the notice about the competition and it ended on April 18th, 2014. It was about writing an article on "My Department's Passionate Energizer".

The moment I first read the phrases – “My Department’s Passionate Energizer” and “My Best Samsunger”, it was not doubt in my mind, that there is one person who will come to mind first, before any other. And it goes without saying, that when it comes to HR Department in SRI Noida, or SRI Noida in general – it is Mr. Amulya Sah (amulya.sah)  I would like to utilize this platform to appreciate the amazing work he has done. As you are all aware, this is not the first time I am writing an appreciation article. I have been doing this often through my blog 

He joined SRI-Noida as a DGM in the second half of 2011. He is currently, the Group Leader of the HR Department of SRI Noida, and a General Manager by designation.

I first met him in a meeting for formation of Cultural, Literary and Sports committee. In the first meet itself, I knew there was something special about him. The things that stand out the most are:
1.       Self Confidence
2.       Passion for work
3.       Continuous self-development through regular learning.

During 2011 to 2013, he introduced many new events and changes for the organization. It goes without saying that his vast experience and expertise in HR makes him a great leader, creative thinker and implementer. What makes him stand out though is his understanding to people. He understands that when you’re attempting something, mistakes will be made - it’s not going to be perfect. He understands and clearly communicates that we need a start first, then, we can work towards making it better and eventually perfect.
I have seen lots of people reading books like “7 habits of Highly Effective People” and “How to Make Friends and influence people”, however, Mr. Amulya Sah is the one personality, whom I have seen to implement the basic principles mentioned in the book.

He is very passionate and tries to inculcate the same habit in people around him. He appreciates people, which keeps, people around him happy. He is always thinking of better ways of doing things. And now, that he is the Group Leader of the HR team; he is become more and more involved.

He is a fantastic singer when it comes to Bollywood music. He has knowledge of Hindustani Classical Music. With Mihira Rath and MelodiUS Band of SRI Noida, he has given some fantastic singing performances. At the same time he is a very good orator and trainer. He has been invited by many Universities and Government Organizations to train their employees on Leadership and Management Skills. He was a Speaker at the TEDx (x=Regional) Event at Chitkara University.

One would expect the list to end here, but he also showed us how to dance in the Annual Day Celebration of SRI-Noida. He performed the dual task of Singing & Dancing. I can continue listing the things he does, but then I gotta stop somewhere, right?

Does that mean that he's boring and orthodox? Guess again, he is in fact, one of the most stylish and fun-loving person you would find. 

He is the one driving the Audi...

At the same time, he somehow manages to make time for family, as they are his supporting pillars. :)

Because of these activities, one might think that he is too busy to be available to help you out, but somehow he makes time for everyone, for every meeting. He is a General Manager in every true sense of the word.

So, “My Best Samsunger” and “My Department’s Most Passionate Energizer” is definitely Mr. Amulya Sah.

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