Monday, April 21, 2014

The Best KISS ever!

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On 12th & 13th of August, I visited Kalinga Group of Institutions. Mainly Kalinga Institute of Information Technology, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, for a Guest Lecture.

As such I have visited so many Institutes and Universities, each of which is unique in its own way. But there are a few which stand out.

The founder of this Kalinga Group, which has approximately 16 different colleges to its name is Dr Achyuta Samanta. A visionary and an accomplished man I must say. Currently 49, a self-made man, he is a Bramhachari (a bachelor ). A devout of Lord Hanuman. Most of the Hanuman temples in Bhubaneshwar has been built by him.

Samanta was born to Late Shri Anadi Charan Samanta and Smt. Nilima Rani Samanta in the village of Kalarabanka in Cuttack District of Odisha in 1965. He lost his father at the age of four, grew up in abject poverty with the widowed mother trying to make both ends meet. M.Sc (Chemistry) from Utkal University

To serve the society, he has established something phenomenal – World’s Largest Residential school – for the tribal students. A school of whopping 20,000 students!  And the best part is, everything, for these students is FREE!!

Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences - Commonly known as KISS

It’s called Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences – KISS.

Everything is free – Education, Stay, Food, Clothing, Medical facilities – everything and anything is FREE for all 20,000 students! Imagine the scale.

I felt honored to have set foot in a concept so close to my heart, my own dream had come alive in front of my very eyes. Another step by God I think, who wants to tell  me that if I work hard enough, all my seemingly impossible dreams will come to life.

Vocation Training of Students - Ensuring Employability

Few of the important things that stood out about it are the following:
  • The scale of operation of the school
  • Vocational Training which helps the students not only to learn but to earn as well.
  •  Amazing arts, crafts, and handy work of the students.
  • The sheer number of politicians, actors, foreigners who have visited the Institute and felt honoured.
  • The Kalinga Group has 5000 staff members including faculty and administration. Each one of them contributes 3% of their salary every month.
  •  KISS accepts donations but doesn’t take regular donations from a single source. Many government bodies have tried to become partner , however, Mr Samanta has rightly and rightfully declined.
  • An automated steamed cooking hall and a dining hall of capacity of 10000!

Automated Steam-Cooking Hall to serve meals to 20000 students

And I know not why, the media is busy in showing this and that, but it doesn’t show KISS. It may have shown once in a while, but an institution like this, needs to be given national or even international importance.

Art & Craft products by Students of KISS

And I request, Dr Samanta, to mentor others who have the same vision, so that this model can be replicated not just in India, but throughout the World. This will be an Educational Revolution in the World.

And by the way, many of these talented students (from KISS) go on to pursue free BTech in Kalinga Institute of Information Technology, MBA in Kalinga School of Management Studies, BCA/MCA in School of Computer Sciences, Law in Kalinga Schoold of Law so on and so forth, for FREE.

Part of the 10000 Capacity Dining Hall for Students of KISS

On a personal note, given a chance to meet Obama and Dr Samanta, I would chose the latter...

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