Saturday, April 12, 2014

Today it felt really Good. Now I know for sure that my presentation skills are excellent.

  1. This particular post is a personal one. Its very close to my heart.
  2. Some people will call it boasting, I will call it self-assessment.
  3. I have mentioned repeatedly my name, Samsung and the name of the institute as caption in the pics used in the blog, for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes; so that if people are looking for me, I want to make sure that they find me.

[ I wrote this blog on April 11th, 2014, however it was scheduled to be published at 6PM (IST), April 12th, 2014.]

Me and my presentation style has been always praised by students, faculty and various training and placement coordinators and/or officials. Though I have known for a fact that I have an ability to connect with students and that I am a good teacher or perhaps even a great one (no boasting, just a feeling), who is able to inspire, encourage and most importantly lead by example; I have also doubted these appreciations as mere gestures of appreciation for better Industry-Institute Relationship.

Motivational Session at Gulzar Group of Institutes, Ludhiana by Vishal Gupta HR Samsung R&D Institute India Noida

Like all human beings, I have also known self-doubt and often wondered whether the appreciation that I receive is real or fake? Is it coming from the heart or is it buttering?

However, today, I have overcome these thoughts as something wonderful happened.

Technical Sessions on Operating Systems and Data Structures by Vishal Gupta HR Samsung R&D Institute India Noida, at PSIT Kanpur

For last two months, it was decided that all the HR Members will meet together and few of us would be selected beforehand to present on any chosen/given topic. Today was my turn.

Know Thy Samsung - Session by Vishal Gupta HR Samsung R&D Institute India Noida at Annamalai University Tamil Nadu

I was not nervous at all, but I would accept the fact that I was a bit anxious. Some of the HR Team Members had given the presentation last time, which ranged from poor to good. Today 5 of us were supposed to present. 

'The Art of Getting Recruited' Session by Vishal Gupta - HR Samsung R&D Institute India Noida at Gulzar Group of Institutes, Ludhiana

It is true that we have Campus Presentations as a part of our recruitment process and hence I have to be good at it, but there were 3 major differences here:
  1. Campus Presentation is more or less a standard presentation with a structured flow, while this one had be thought of and designed by me alone.
  2. Usually we get around 45 minutes for Campus Presentation, I had to finish this one in 5 minutes without leaving major things from the topic.
  3. The audience was not a bunch of college kids/youths but a group of HR Professionals one of them being my Boss and the Head of HR himself.

Latest Trends in Technology Session by Vishal Gupta - HR Samsung R&D Institute India Noida at PSIT Kanpur

I did practice for the timing thing, and made my presentation unique by using the recent examples like politics, BJP Vs AAP, Human Psychology, HR Interactions with Employees, and about SRI-Noida.

I felt really good when I finished it off at 4:53.

The best part was, I received lots of appreciations, from not just colleagues, but from the 3 senior most HR professionals in SRI-Noida.

Head of Training & Development said - "I did not know you're so fundu. Excellent presentation."

Head of HR Operations said, - "No doubt, everything about your presentation was good, but for me the main thing that stood out was your positive body language. The way you presented was perfect. We should have made a video of yours to show people how the body language should be."

Head of HR at SRI-Noida said - "You made it very interactive and unique. The best part was you involved others in the presentation and made it interesting."

And we all know... the boss is always right!!

With these 3 statements, I realized, for a fact that yes, I have it in me, to pull crowd and present according to needs of the situation. I have a God gift of intuition which helps me modify my presentation dynamically as situation demands.

Also the deadly combination of knowledge of various fields like Technical, Music, Blogging, Debate, Photography, Analysis etc. act as icing on the cake. 

So I guess, I should be thanking God, friends, family, teachers and everyone who has helped me either by telling me my weaknesses or by giving me a chance to express myself.

As a matter of fact, I would like to dedicate this post to my maternal aunt Rajshree Gayen, who inspired and encouraged me all the time for public speaking and related activities since I was in 4th standard.

Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu welcomes Vishal Gupta - HR Samsung R&D Institute India Noida

Gulzar Group of Institutes Ludhiana Welcomes Vishal Gupta - HR Samsung R&D Institute India Noida


  1. Awesome Man.. really happy for you.
    You were very good at teaching and explaining things, that we all saw during college time :)
    Hoping that I also will get a chance one day to attend one of your seminar :D