Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vicky’s Confession: I voted Twice. Justice Vs Law. ( Experiences of Vicky - Part 1 )

To me Vicky is the closest friend I ever had. I often discuss about life, work, job, family & friends with him. It’s almost as if we know almost each and every aspect of one another. It goes without saying that during the discussions, Vicky has shared many of his experiences, learnings and situations as well. I have decided so share the most relevant ones with the readers of

So once again, there is going to be a series of posts, this particular one being the first article in the series.

In the recent days, just like others, Vicky has been politically aware and involved. Some of his friends, even say that he has been unusually pumped up, which I feel is true. But I believe this is a good thing. Even in my opinion the Indian Lok Sabha Elections 2014 is going to be the most important election of the 21st Century.

Anyway, coming to the main topic, Vicky has been a supporter of both BJP and AAP (just like me, friends share similar thoughts of-course). But, the recent Dramebazi of AK-49 has made Vicky furious. He and I share the thoughts that, both BJP and AAP supporters want the same thing – development of India. Both BJP and AAP, have gone gaga over their respective leaders and parties, and many times behave immaturely. However, we don’t believe that this is a bad thing, in fact this is what we needed. The youth has taken keen interest in political and state affairs.

Though people might believe who should get the credit – Anna Hazare and his team of India Against Corruption, or Narendra Modi, or Arvind Kejriwal or Congress and Rahul Gandhi (Congress ensured that people get so frustrated, that they are left with no choice but to Vote); but it’s a fact that this year, youngsters will be participating in something that will change and shape the future of India.

Vicky has a brother, Micky, currently working as a Software Engineer in one of the many IT Divisions of Companies in Bangalore. Micky is a strong supporter of AK and AAP. Vicky on the other hand believes that BJP should get in power (but not their corrupt and criminal candidates) with AAP in opposition. He does not want to see AK as leader of opposition, and is glad that AK will lose in Varanasi ;)

Vicky decided to go home especially to vote this time. Micky however, was not so lucky to get the leaves sanctioned. Vicky has been annoyed with this localized policy of voting. Both Vicky and I, believe that if we have the Voter-ID we should be allowed to vote anywhere in India (once). We are Indian citizens after all.

However, when Vicky got home, he came to know that there were tickets/slips to be carried to vote (yes it was his first time). The super-cool election commission printed the slips so beautifully that it is very difficult to recognize the person from the picture. Also, there is only a year gap between Vicky and Micky and they kind of look similar (being brothers). Vicky and Micky rarely get to go home (thanks to their jobs [sarcasm]) and hence most people don’t recognize them.

Vicky was not happy with the fact that Micky’s vote will be wasted because of stupid decisions of the bureaucrats. So he decided to use Micky’s slip as well, and decided to vote twice. Vicky declared the decision at home, and went against his Dad’s suggestion and disgust, about doing something so stupid and illegal.

Vicky went once in casuals, without shave, with spectacles once, and casted his vote. He voted for his favorite party. He realized that they put the mark on 1st Finger of the left hand. He came home, tried to remove the ink, but soaps did not work neither did nail-polish remover!

Finally, being a clever engineer, Vicky thought of a simple method. If you can’t remove the ink, why not remove the thing that has the ink? No, he didn’t cut off his finger :P

He took a nail-filer, and removed the layer of the nail which had the ink. Then he took the nail-cutter and removed the layer of the skin which had the ink. Madness? May be. Brutal? No. Its not horrible as it sounds. In fact there was no pain at all. It was actually very easy and convenient.

This time, he shaved, didn’t wear glasses, wore formals, had a cap on his head, and went to vote for a second time. But this time he carried the slip of Micky. He was in a dilemma before going to vote for a second time. Whom should he vote for? His favorite party? or Micky’s favorite party? But since it was Micky’s vote, he voted for the party Micky would have voted for. He felt it was his moral obligation. And anyway Vicky wants to see BJP in power and AAP in opposition.

Though I understand this was illegal, there is no doubt about it. But whether this was moral/ethical to vote for a second time, can be discussed. I believe what Vicky did was justified.  Vicky understood the different between Just and Legal. Law was created to provide justice but it no longer holds true for every case. This case was an example. Had Vicky voted for his favorite party using Micky’s voting rights – that, in my humble opinion, would have been immoral and unethical.

That’s my personal opinion, and I believe, he took back the right that was taken from his brother, because he was  working in Bangalore. You may argue that Micky should have gotten a voter registration in Bangalore itself, however, we all know how difficult getting that thing has become for us, especially for students and working professionals who do NOT have any Legal Address proof to get Voter-IDs in their town/city of study/work.

Oh and by the way, Vicky went to polling booth for the 3rd time, not to vote, but to take a friend to vote. Ironically, the polling both officers asked him, Will you not Vote? (God save us from selection  of such dumb people for polling booth process). To which Vicky replied – “I already voted”. And in the back of his mind said – “twice already!”.

I believe God gave him this chance to vote for both BJP and AAP, because he deserved it ;)

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