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Vicky's Thoughts: Leadership and the Lime Light Syndrome (Experiences of Vicky - Part 2)

So this is the second article in the blog series about experiences of Vicky. However, it’s going to be different from now. Vicky directly will be writing the articles and I will be simply publishing them in

So here is the first article from Vicky himself in his own words:

Since I was small, I was raised (by maternal grandparents and maternal aunts) in a way which always encouraged to be different, to be unique, but more importantly to be a good human being, which I was told can only be achieved by helping others in any way possible.


Most people tend to think that one can’t judge leadership skills in Colleges or even in early corporate life. However, I strongly, very strongly disagree. I think we can actually, very clearly see a child with potential leadership qualities. Such a child will be inquisitive, an initiative-taker, someone who questions the trends and the tradition, who will volunteer often when others will be skeptical or keep quiet.

Vicky and Leadership

I always was involved in some or other activity since early childhood. Whether it was being Monitor in ClassRoom or being the Captain of the team while playing Cricket, I just couldn’t sit back. By the time I was in High School, I was the Head Boy and also the captain of Blue House Team. Also led the musical teams (music-band would be not appropriate here). I never liked to be just a participant. I wanted to be one of the people known to the crowd. This has continued till date.

Today, I get invites to various HR Summits, or opportunities to attend Seminars and Guest Lectures. However, I do not go to places where I am just one of the audiences. It just doesn’t feel right. I have often wondered why I felt that way. However, a recent discussion with a colleague made me realize that I have got LimeLight Syndrome.

Vicky and the Lime Light Syndrome

So what Is this LimeLight Symdrome? It is simply a mental state where a person has been so much involved in organization of events at various levels that he or she does not like to be just one among the crowd. They want the LimeLight for themselves. They want to be the organizers and hence be the celebrities.

But why is it so with them? Because they have organized too many event that it feels totally unacceptable for them to be just someone in the crowd. However, the people with LimeLight Syndrome also know their capabilities and they also respect the other people who are bigger/better in terms of Work and effort the other greats and geniuses have put in. For example, I wouldn’t mind being in the crowd when the celebrity is Sachin Tendulkar, or Amitabh Bachchan or Anna Hazare or Dr Kalam. However, they wouldn’t like it when someone with similar knowledge or designation is at the stage and they have to be in the crowd.

But what do they do if such a situation arises when they cannot have the Lime Light for themselves? They will somehow still manage to get the attention to them. They will simply not be able to keep quite. They will be the ice-breakers in the interaction sessions. They will be the first to talk.
Is Lime Light syndrome good or bad then?

Well is Fire good or bad? With fire you can cook a man’s dinner; and you can also cook a man!!

In most cases it should not be a problem. However, when coupled with Ego, envy, jealousyand/or arrogance - it might be a big problem.

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