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Will or Can Narendra Modi live up to the Hype created?

As I have mentioned on multiple occasions, I believe, the Lok Sabha Election 2014, is the most important election of 21st Century in the World. It’s not just an election, it is in a way, a drastic shift of attitude in the country.

Though I am a Modi Supporter, in my opinion, I am different than the so called ‘Blind Supporters’, ‘Andh Bhakts’, and ‘ModiTards’. First I don’t support all of people in BJP. There are candidates with some questionable character and record (read allegedly corrupt and criminals) who should not be voted to power. Second, I don’t think that Modi will turn India into United States of America overnight or even in 5 years. Is it possible? Yes. Can he do it? I don’t know. But I don’t expect him to. Hence my expectations are realistic. Third, I don’t believe anything they claim blindly. I do my research. Try to verify the authenticity and only then do I proceed.

NaMo - Narendra Modi

Whether it is Facebook, or  Office Cafeteria – political discussions have become a major part of my life and most of my friends’ in general (of course there are exceptions as always). Today a huge amount of youth has become involved, which is a really good thing.

Most people in these discussions tend to count me amongst the “Andh Bhakts” or “BJPTards”. I don’t understand why people tend to generalize everything. One should always have space for exceptions. Anyway, so one of the most asked questions assuming that I am an ‘Andh Bhakta’ is “Do you really think that Modi will be able to live up to the hype that he has created and do all that he promises?”

The answer is – he may be able to do it, may be not. I am not a fortune teller. What if he dies? Even you and I can die any moment, right? What if he doesn’t win the elections? ( Congress is already playing politics by fraud voting and removing names of voters from the list. )

The simple thing is, even if Modi does nothing, he will prove to be far better than Congress. What I mean is, all he needs to ensure is that things go smoothly and we can safely assume that BJP will not be as corrupt as Congress. They have shown us what they can do during NDA rule from 1999 to 2004 under Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, when they gave us the best growth rate. Even if Modi is able to reduce the corruption done by Congress to 30-50% it is going to be a huge boon for India. Second, even if he doesn’t introduce new policies, even if he just implements the current ones in place and ensures that policies and regulations are followed, he will easily be able to do outdo congress by a huge margin.

Narendra Modi - Gujarat CM

Congress has brought country to the negative most point, and from here on, movement can only go towards positivity, the only exception being to that theory is Congress or its allies coming to power, in which case, India will become a living hell for its citizens.

I really don’t expect him to create an America out of India. Its simply not going to happen ever. India has a kind of diversity which is shared by none of the countries in the world, not even one. It is simply not possible to implement what USA or China or Russia have implemented. And Modi knows that.

I have listened to many of his interviews and he talks sense. He talks logic. He never said anything which is unrealistic. He knows that he can’t show performance in just 1 month or 3 months. Agreed, that they are not just his thoughts. He has got a team of bureaucrats  around him and they are the ones with the ideas. But then, all politicians have that. So what makes Modi special? He accepts and implements Good Ideas. That’s something why he stands out.

Will Modi be able to implement all his models in rest of the country? Certainly not! He himself has said multiple times that, every state in India is unique and has unique requirements. He understands that what worked perfectly in Gujarat, may not work in other states, and that he will have to put in a lot of hard-work.  He also plans to evaluate the situation in each state and wants to work it out by forming a task-team comprising of all CMs of all states. Like I said, he has unique ideas. Can he implement them? May be. Will he implement it? Time only will tell. But he has a strong track-record and deserves a chance.

Narendra Modi - Visionary

I will definitely recruit an experienced professional with 12 years of experience with proven record over other experienced candidates, who just have experience for the namesake. I would also prefer him over a fresher with less than two months of controversial internship.

You may not agree with me. That is your decision. I have already voted, so no point in trying to convince me otherwise. I just wanted to analyse and present my analysis. This article is not to convince anybody else to vote for Modi or BJP. There are my thoughts being published in my blog. You may not agree with it, then move on. However, if you agree and like the analysis, do leave your comments J

He is also known to be a tough task master. Now what is that you may ask? I will give you an example. He encourages PSU employees to come up with good ideas for projects for social and citizen welfare. Then he travels with his team to those places, and asks the other department to be ready with the proposal with all details. His team asks whatever questions they have. Once they are satisfied, they ask the amount and time needed to carry out that particular task. Let’s say that the other department says – 12 months and 500 crores. Modi and his team notes it down. He then will approve 15 months and 600 crores for that project. Yes, he gives them more time and sanction more money than what the department has asked for; he does that because he understands that even the smartest calculated approximates need to adjust according to the needs of the situation which arise unexpectedly out of nowhere. Also he has sanctioned 600 crores, but not given them 600 crores. The department will have to submit appropriate bills. Then his team will check the progress every quarter, to ensure that the project is going fine. If they feel something fishy they take appropriate action. Also, if the project is delayed more than the scheduled deadline, his team will move swiftly against that particular department, and if they find for sure, that something wrong has been done, he will take strict action against the department. This is why he is called Tough-Task Master. How do I know about it? A mid-senior level employee of a respected PSU in Gujarat told me J who happens to be a modest man of principles.

I can’t be sure of anything. I am not a fortune teller. I have repeated that thought multiple times. But somehow, I have belief. There is definitely something about this man which makes the Mulayams, the Mayavatis, the Nitishs, the Nehru-Gandhi-Vadras fear this man. There is a reason why Kejriwal is contesting against him rather than contesting against Sonia Gandhi or A. Raja. Kuch to hai special.

I have talked to some people from Gujarat and they are happy with his work. My most stupid friends who have never been to Gujarat and claim that there is no development, when I tell them about views of people whom I communicated with; they all say  - you would have talked only to people living in the cities! No these hatred-filled educated people have already assumed so much that it is a waste of time to try and explain it to them. I interacted with the Auto-walas, who though are earning in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad and Surat, come from small villages. They go back to their respective villages every quarter. I also interacted with small shop vendors, peons and clerks and waiters – they all echo the same sentiment. I asked some students and some faculty. They all echo the same sentiment. Yes I speak only what I have heard from Gujaratis. I did NOT form my opinion based on the stories of the internet or media.

Did you know that I bought a Coat-set for just Rs 1500 in Ahmedabad? A very good one. In other parts of the country you will not get even the coat in 1500 forget about the tie and the pant. I also bought cotton shirts of good quality for Rs. 230 from Ahmedabad. You know why was is possible? Because, in the last decade medium and small scale industries grew 20% in India but 85% in Gujarat. Just imagine!

Let me repeat myself, I have trusted him, because of his past record. Ask any experienced interviewer, that’s what we do. We judge a person based on their past record and present knowledge. In that category only Modi fits the bill. Often we recruit not the person we wanted, but the best available. So far, only Modi is such a person.

NaMo for PM - Abki Baar Modi Sarkaar!

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