Wednesday, May 21, 2014

And He Was told - ( Part - 3) - He would never be Normal.

People say that lightening doesn't strike twice. However, it does. At least in the form of Super-Humans!

After a long time I bring to you the story of an individual who will not only inspire you, but wll also make you ask yourself, "If he can achieve this, why do I doubt myself?"

He will make you  ask yourself, "What is really stopping me from working on my dreams?"

Today, I want to introduce to you, Mr K. Arun Kumar (age 29), who lost his hands when he came into contact with live wires in Hyderabad in the year 1991. When he was shifted to Osmania General Hospital, the doctors amputated his burnt and paralysed limbs. He was told, he would never be normal again.

The disability did not hold back Arun from proving his mettle in studies and continued his education by writing with his legs. Now, with the help of legs, he fetches water from the well, bathes on his own, wears clothes, combs his hair, reads and writes and even plays cricket, chess, caroms etc. 

Presently, he is working as Vidya volunteer in government primary school in Katta Rampur locality of the town and conducting tuitions for the students to eke out his livelihood. He writes on blackboard with the help of legs only and wins appreciation from his students.

Is it surprising to observe that he even carries and uses cellular phone with the help of his legs? I guess not, he is one of those beautiful examples of Human Will and Determination.

His parents Madhava Rao and Jayashree both working in private schools as teachers were unable to provide him with artificial limbs because of abject poverty.

He has proved to the world that disability is not a hindrance for one's success in his career of pursuing education without his two healthy arms. He has converted his legs into hands and passed out BA, MA (Economics) and also B Ed.

But his search for securing an employment as a teacher in disabled quota still remains a distant dream. He feels that his cent per cent disability was not sufficient for securing a job in spite of clearing the DSC-2008 examination.

He wants to become a good lecturer or a teacher provided if any philanthropists comes to his rescue to provide him with artificial limbs. If not, at least the government should help him secure employment or assistance for his self-employment scheme so that he would fix artificial limbs on his own, he maintains.

He says that he has no regrets for becoming disabled. “Though I'm disabled physically, but not mentally and I'm happy to teach the poor students in government schools as Vidya volunteer with the help of legs,” he said and appealed to the philanthropists to assist him in pursuing M. Ed and computer education.

I think that we all can say one thing - "A Success story is incomplete without a Struggle Story."

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