Saturday, May 3, 2014

How to Improve Communication Skills for Interviews?

Lots of students ask me this question often. Many students are not able to clear interview rounds because of their communication skills. There are two parts to it, first being – being able to speak English and second is the confidence to speak to people and ability to speak in public.

It is actually very easy, it’s very intuitive at the same time and that’s why I think people tend to overlook this simple concept. However, before discussing my methods (yes, my methods, because I thought it for myself, no one told me :P ), lets talk about the ones most used, and most advised by trainers across the globe:
  1. Talking to yourself in front of a mirror
  2. Participating in Group Discussions
  3. Talking to friends in English whenever there is a chance.

These are good suggestions, however, these suffer from three common flaws:
  1. One has to overcome the fear to talk amongst friends and in group
  2. You depend on others for your growth. (in the first case you depend on the availability of mirrors)
  3. You may not be able to do it anytime you want; you need to especially make time for these activities.

To understand my two methods, one needs to understand how our brain communicates with our body (i.e., how we communicate with ourselves, which is how we talk) and how we learnt our language.

Any person always thinks in his mother tongue. That is how we learnt language, by naming things, places, events, actions, feelings in one language that what taught to us. So if I was taught Hindi from the beginning, my thoughts will always be in Hindi, because that is what I know and understand. Had I been taught Urdu from childhood, I would have picked that up instead. So if I can somehow program my brain to think in a language other than my mother tongue, my task is almost done.

So the question is how to do it?

It’s very simple actually. Every time you get a thought in your mother tongue, immediately in your thoughts itself, translate it into English (or any language you want). Do this exercise consciously every chance you get. You don’t need any one else for this exercise, and you can do it while playing, while studying while travelling, anytime. And you can easily, very easily talk to yourself, without any hesitation can’t you?

Then the next step is to talk to yourself as a second and as a third person. Its very interesting activity, but you have to do it alone, otherwise people might think that you have gone crazy. J

This way you will easily be able to talk in English (or any other language) confidently. It will become your second nature.

To me this method has been a big help. Many students have also used and benefited from it. Try it and do let me know, if it works for you.   


  1. I follow d same methods sir and appreciate ur effort in bringing this up to the world...the faster u translate is d faster u speak and sometimes ur body language also does d part which too is handled by brain in d same way...keep up d good work sir...waiting to read more asthikism from u..

  2. It will help for me, Thank you sir.

  3. I am using this methode from few previous days but thank you sir to rember once again.

  4. Nicely written and quite useful too

  5. Nicely written and quite useful too