Thursday, June 26, 2014

HR Wisdom - Part 2 - For an HR being diplomatic is not an option, its a necessity.

Today a simple human being learned an important lesson the hard-way. For an HR being diplomatic is not an option, its a necessity.

Most people don't like diplomatic answers by HR professionals, but the truth of the matter is, they hate the reality even more when they have to face it.

An HR had recently got a call from an electrician in his apartment who wanted the HR to recruit his brother in the company. The HR refused and asked the electrician to NOT set a bad example for his brother and encourage the brother to study.

For the next whole weak, in an apartment which included 4 buildings with 10 floors in each building, only the HR's flat had electricity issue. Everyday something or the other got damaged.

Similar incidences like threat calls from Political goons happened. The HR reported the incident to the Head of HR.

The HR Head cool-ly replied - "You should do what we do. Always say - "Yes, I will take care of it."

Then, if the person doesn't qualify the test, makeup an excuse like he didn't even score 10%, I can't push that far. Or like, some senior evaluated the paper.

And when such a person qualifies, call up the person and tell him/her that the candidate was dumb and that I had to push him to the next round. Reject him/her in the interview and then call and say - "The candidate was so stupid, that even though I pushed him/her to the interview, he/she did NOT qualify. Now even I have a limit. I did what I could"

And from today... the simple person vowed to be just another diplomatic HR. Because he has learned the hard-way that people are sick and the fact that being diplomatic is not an option - its a necessity.

The above story is a work of fiction and any similarity with any person (living/dead) or incident is purely coincidence.

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