Friday, September 12, 2014

Most people Learn from their Boss what to do, but they should also learn WHAT NOT TO DO.

In life we face lots of people and everyone teaches us something. We must always try to learn as many things as possible from as many people as we can specially the good things.

Now, who do we learn good things from? Well, the answer is obvious - Good people!


Not just from good people, you can also learn to do good things from Bad people.

See, if you're working, and if you had the opportunity to work with more than one Boss/Manager, you would have realized that some times you get a difficult boss, or may be sometimes your usual Good Boss, turns into a bad one.

So what do learn from them? Lets just say, you need to learn from them WHAT NOT TO DO when you become the boss!

Still confused? Let me try again. See, lets say you don't like a hypocrite boss. For example, the boss always comes late but tells you to be punctual. Or may be he violates ethical principles, but gives you lectures on moral values, then what do you learn?

You learn to not behave the same way with your Juniors! See, the point is, if you don't like something in him (and it includes what your colleagues may not like about your Boss) you should understand that people will not like it, when you repeat the same.

I have often seen many people (may be even I do it and may not yet know it) do the same things they hated about their boss. They might be unaware of the fact that they treat their juniors the same way, which they hated when their boss treated them.

So lets just remember what we did not like as Juniors, so that when we are the boss, our Juniors need not complain the same things about us, as we did about our previous bosses. 


  1. You are right, Vishal. All of us have double personalities to some extent with regard to our attitudes when we have to play the roles of the boss and the subordinate. When we play the role of the boss, we exhibit a different personality than when we play the role of the subordinate. I have found that this in most cases is acting. But this role play act may not be consciously, always.
    Only people with some higher mind levels can only over come this role play confusion in their lives and be true to themselves. Then, perhaps, they may not have the double standards!

    1. I never talked about intentions.

      It its intentional then its not a mistake, its a crime. However, my point is, we should intentionally avoid being a hypocrite. And we should try to not repeat the mistakes of our former/current boss(es).