Friday, September 19, 2014

Unfortunately, the problem with the Society is they reward the award not the efforts.

I observe. It is one of the things I am really good at. What makes things special is I observe details and analyse.

For last few months, I was thinking of writing this article, and finally the time is ripe for it to come out in the open.

It is unfortunate that even the best of the people behave this way. “Which way?” you might ask. The answer is – “People reward the award, not the efforts”.

How to verify? Go to Social Media – Facebook, Twitter etc. and have a look around. People post pics or statuses about working late in offices, or putting in extra effort for the society or a select group of people. Mark the number of ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’, ‘Favourites’ and ‘Retweets’ and the kind of comments with the number of ‘Likes’, ‘Comments’, ‘Favourites’ and ‘Retweets’ and the kind of comments they get when they have won an Award, because of the extra hours at office or for the society. Once you receive an award, and post it on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN, most people will congratulate you and start praising you and what not.

The point is, the same people ignored your actions, for which you have already been rewarded. This is what is wrong with our society. Once we have already got an Award, we have already received our due recognition.

I will give you most common example. When you are studying hard, people will be like “Bada aadmi hai”, “bade log” and when you get placed, they will like and comment on your statuses – “You really deserved it!”, “Well done”, and what not!

I will give you another example, think of our Sportspersons, Athletes etc. Once they have won an Olympic or CWG or Asian Games medal or a Cricket match, they have already been awarded. Then people start appreciating, Government wakes up (for a few moments) from its sleep and gives them further rewards. Media too kicks in, to gain TRP. And if you’re lucky, some Director/Producer will also make a film on you, in which they will earn 1000 times more than what you earned in your whole damn life!

People (every one of us) need to realize the fact that in order to make a better society we need to develop a culture where we appreciate efforts, actions and even intentions instead of appreciating only the awardees. Many times, our people are ranked 2nd or 4th but didn’t they put their efforts? Didn’t they put their heart out for the nation or the love of their games?

Similarly, we appreciate the army in times or wars or in times of calamities when they save people. Well, they are able to do it, because of their efforts, they put in, rest of the time!

I hope this comes as an eye-opener for at least the wise and intelligent, the judges and the teachers, because it is them, who have the authority to take action. And Krishna says – “Those who have the authority/power to take action, also have the responsibility to take action”. 


  1. Dear Vishal,
    You have highlighted a very pertinent aspect of our attitudes. IMHO, it is a kind of hero worship-mind that many of us have that causes this. Once a man or woman is placed in a high position or awarded a high title, we too would do our best to shower praise and be part of such a crowd. As you have rightly pointed out, we fail to recognize the silent efforts of people to do good to the society in whatever way they can. Perhaps the ordinary souls lack the capacity to take the lead! That is why we leave such responsibilities to those who have the authority to take actions!

    1. Yes, and it is this Here-Worship that makes Jesus, Rama etc. God; while they themselves claimed to be just being a messenger of the lord. :)

  2. I totally agree with you. Even a small appreciation and encouragement can greatly motivate some to a his achieve.