Thursday, October 2, 2014

A tribute to Shri Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on the eve of International Day of Non-Violence.

NOTE: Writing this particular article, literally, brought me to tears. I don’t know how many people will even bother to read it. But as Shri Gandhi has always proclaimed, it does not matter even if no one understands or follows you; by following Dharm, you make sure that atleast one individual becomes better everyday (that is you). We must be the Change we wish to see in the world.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, is known today to the world as Mahatma Gandhi. It is ironic that he is called Mahatma while he himself disliked that title.

Today (2nd October), on the eve of, International Day of Non-Violence (declared by the United Nations in the year 2007), it goes without saying that the world should re-visit history, as why this man has been proclaimed by the World’s Greats as the World’s Greatest!

I have heard lots of arguments (mostly by people with half knowledge of History, Hinduism and Hindustan), against him, his principles and his life.

I have read lot of Hindu scriptures (mostly translations of-course) including the Geeta, Mahabharat, Ram-Charitmaanas and a couple of Purans, and I can tell you one simple fact, in the recent past, there hasn’t been a single man who followed Hinduism more closely that Shri M K Gandhi.

High-Tolerance, Non-Violence, Raising voice against Injustice, Unity in Diversity, Equality for all (irrespective of caste, creed, religion), ability to absorb the good (of other cultures, religions, civilizations) are some of the most important traits of Hinduism. And Shri M K Gandhi advocated exactly the same.

You may say that during the battle of Mahabharat it was Shri Krishn who asked Arjun to fight. Yes he did, but only after all peace talks failed. Only when Duryodhan declared that he would only settle with War, did Krishn go to war. That too, it was a fight for righteousness, to establish Dharm, to send a message to the world that if a society is incapable of protecting the honor of a woman, the society is standing at the brink of a War.  

Most people, would also argue that Only Non-Violence was not enough to expel the British out of Bhaarat, I agree. So did Shri M K Gandhi. If you want to understand, I suggest you either visit Sabarmati Aashram in Ahmedabad or buy one of the following books:
1. My Experiments with Truth
2. India of My Dreams
3. Path Way to God

Shri M K Gandhi was a visionary and a strategist. He realized that if the British are here, they are because they were making profits. If they started suffering losses, they would have no choice but to leave. Hence he promoted “Non-Cooperation” and “Swadeshi” movements which were aimed at providing no help to the British especially for business and using Indian products respectively.
He realized that the British we taking raw materials from India (e.g. Cotton, Indigo, Salt) and after making finished products, were using India as a large market to sell those products. Also, to run the administration and the business, British needed man-power for which they were employing Indians!

He never said, that Non-violence alone was sufficient. In his views, Non-Violence is actually the Hinduism concept of “Universal Love and Brotherhood” explained by the Sanskrit Shloka “Vasudev Kutumbakam”. He has explained that during those times, the world had seen a lot of bloodshed. It had witnessed various wars including World War 1 and World War 2, and Shri M K Gandhi was hurt as a human being. He felt it was responsibility of “Bhaarat” known to him and many as the “Jagat Guru” (ancient India has been referred to as the Teacher of the world in many Indian/Hindu scriptures), to teach the world once again. The teachings he felt which needed immediate attention were – Non-violence, Love, Universal Brotherhood and Truth.

He wanted to show the world, that the Hindu scriptures, had the power and the wisdom to stop this mindless, inhumane acts of war. And we all know he succeeded.

He was also someone who was strictly against the (Pseudo) Caste System. He went to fast until death because of the people who still advocated (Pseudo) Casteism and Religious Extremism, which he rightly believed. He was someone who wanted to make sure that though people may attack you, do injustice to you, may take the path of Adharm, we under no circumstances should leave the path of Dharm – truth, universal brotherhood and love.

It is clear from his writings and the writings of the World’s Greats (Einstein, Vinoba Bhave, Martin Luther King) what kind of man he was. As rightly put by the world’s great – Gandhiji’s glory was greater than Hitler, Nepolean, Alexander, Julius Ceaser, or any other leader human being in the whole history of mankind, since, Gandhiji was the only person, who never wielded any weapons.

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”, is what he had said. It pains me today to see so much bloodshed in our country. Bhaarat, which has given birth to many such saints (as Shri M K Gandhi, Swami Vivekanand, Sardar Patel, Shri Ram, Shri Krishn, who have all sacrificed their life for the society), today has been paralysed by corruption, religious extremism, and poverty of the soul!
He was a man who relied on discipline and self-control; unfortunately today, this is what we Indians lack the most!

If Bhaarat and Hinduism has stood for something, it has been Truth, Love, Universal Brotherhood, Duty, Dharm, and Tolerance. And if you claim yourself to be either a Bhaartiya or a Hindu, I strongly suggest you atleast try to imbibe these basic principles in your life.

To conclude, in the words of Einstein – “For the future generations, it would be very difficult to fathom and imagine, that such a man made of flesh and bones, ever walked the earth.”

And that is why, His story, became History, and he came to be known as a Legend, a phenomenon, a Mahatma.

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