Friday, October 17, 2014

An Idea which if Implemented can help a lot. Students across the country should take initiative.

In final year, students pack stuff and go home. But they leave behind lots of stuff. Cleaners, Peons etc go through the stuff, collect few and then sell them for cheap prices.

Things include old clothes, brooms, buckets, bed-cots, chairs, cycles and even books.

Sometimes students themselves sell few of such stuff.

Trucks or other vehicles may be called and students can be asked to dump ( in a nice way, in boxes) stuff.

It can be coordinated with an NGO or done independently.

The usable stuff can be given to orphanges, old age homes etc.

This can be very easily implemented across the country. Especially in residential campuses.

I was able to implement a short version of this idea with the help of Dr Anup Kumar Keshri in final semester of my engineering at BIT Mesra in 2011.

All it takes is one person to initiate such implementations, lot of people join such good causes.

Hope this idea will be taken up by as many students, professors,placement officers as possible who are in my friend list and beyond.

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