Thursday, October 16, 2014

India's Most Wanted - "Future Ka Lollypop".

Have you heard of the India's Most Wanted - Future Ka LollyPop?!?
It is my understanding that this happens with almost every Indian Family. They show you "Future Ka Lollypop" in order to make you do things their way. This is done mostly by parents and relatives, sometimes teachers, and even seniors.
The idea is to show you a picture of the future, where you're enjoying yourself immensely, the catch is - you need to work hard today to get a lollypop tomorrow!

So it happens something like this- when you're in 9th/10th standard you are told - "Beta, 10th mein ache percentages le aa, fir life set hai" [Trans. "Son/Daughter, get good percentages in 10th Board Exams, then you will be easily able to settle in life."]

Then after 10th is over, they will say = "Beta Engineering/MBBS/CA entrance exam ki taiyari kar, fir life set hai". [ Trans. Son/Daughter, study hard for entrance exams of Engineering/MBBS/CA, then you will be easily able to settle in life.]

Then during Engineering they will tell you - "Beta, ache CGPA le aa. Acha placement lele, fir life set hai!" [ Trans. Son/Daughter, study get good CGPA so that you get good placements, then you will be easily able to settle in life.]

Then during Engineering/or your Job they will tell you - "Beta, MBA/GRE kar le, fir life set hai!" [ Trans. Son/Daughter, do MBA/GRE, then you will be easily able to settle in life.]

Then again, you're in the same place - "Get good placements, then you will be easily able to settle in life."

After you get a Good/Great Job, they tell you - "Beta koi achi ladki se shaadi Kar le, fir life set hai" [ Trans. Son/Daughter, get good life-partner (which we will decide for you, based on caste, dowry etc.) , then you will be easily able to settle in life.]

And this continues with the suggestions of buying a home, investing in property (all of their choice) and raising kids.

They always tell you that you should work hard, because you're going to reap the benefits in the future. They always show you a "Future Ka Lollypop" [Trans. Lollypop that you supposedly get in the future, if you work hard their way] to do things their way.

You can't take up arts or sports, you can't think of innovation or entrepreneurship because to their limited knowledge,"life can only be set" by following what they and their peers did. They want you to waste away your current life, kill all the enjoyment so that you can enjoy in the future.

I remember I was told that I should work 20 hours a day and that 4 hours of sleep are enough. And these things are amplified by people who run coaching centers. They make the parents and the relatives believe that only IITians/NITians or MBAs or CAs succeed in life. As if Sachin Tendulkar, Virendra Sehwag, Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza, Anu Mallick, Sonu Nigam, Mary Kom, Dhirubhai Ambani and other many other popular figures never succeed in their fields. As if the only way to succeed is to chose their path which has been tried and tested.

And though it is true, that these things do "set your life" as they say, they never told you that life should never be set. Life by its inherent nature, must constantly evolve!

I am not sure how many dreams are killed by this "Future Ka Lollypop", how many more "Flipkart" or "Chetan Bhagat" or "Vipul Goyal" or "Nitin Gupta" or "Kumar Vishwas" or "Sachin Tendulkar" we have had if not for this "Future Ka Lollypop".

Please note that I don't want to say that one should study or not get into IIT or MBA, but what I am trying to say is - God has made you unique. You need to identify your talent. You have been given a life. You're supposed to live it your way. Its your life. And you have only one.

Also, planning for the future is important too. But not at the cost of your present. No one said you can't have a little fun. And let me tell you one more thing - Even study becomes fun if you do it the right way.

But it goes without saying, that you have more chances of Success if you do what you are passionate about. And even if you fail, you know in your heart that you tried. But if you really want to do what you love, you will try 101st time and succeed, even if you have failed the first 100 times.

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