Saturday, August 15, 2015

Celebrating Independence Day - A Gesture at a Time!

Its obvious that today, our country - Bhaarat, more commonly known as India, is celebrating its 69th Independence Day. People are very busy posting videos, pictures and status about celebrating Independence day on all Social Networking websites and apps - Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Twitter and even LinkedIn.

Though I hope that those are genuine posts, a lot of them don't seem that way. It feels exactly during the following recent incidents:
  1. Demise of Dr Kalam
  2. Yakub Menon's death sentence
  3. the infamous Raadhe Maa video and articles

For a long time, until now, I haven't anything about the last two - Yakub or Radhe Maa. The reason being, I felt that talking about them was a waste of time. In case of Dr Kalam's demise, I did write a couple of posts, and to my very surprise, those were shamelessly copied (and modified as their own) by people in my friendlist. This let me to analyse the trend and I came to a conclusion that a whole bunch of people just write about anything popular at that point of time for their self-gratification. They get a few likes and comments which makes them happy about themselves. They are what people called "Opportunists".

Same seems to be the case today, which I think, can't be helped. But then there are those, who set examples; some who inspired me and some who were inspired by my ideas. Lets take a look how they have made a difference, how they are celebrating Independence day - A Gesture At A Time:

  1. I stay in Sector-62, Noida. I often go for a morning walk/jog in a nearby park which has a jogging track 2Kms long. You often find a few people playing Volley-Ball in the middle. Today, there was this gentleman - a common Citizen of Bhaarat with a small gesture, that made me feel - Wow! What a start to this day. He has a box of sweets - "Motichoor ke Laddoo". Rather than playing Volley-Ball with his team, he was distributing sweets to every passer-by and wishing them a "Happy Independence Day". I didn't click his pic or ask for his name, because if I did that and then wrote about it, people will start associating that with a community or religion.
  2. Then there is this student of mine, who did what I had them promise me - rather than spending his time worthlessly he went to an NGO donated some money - his money (he has a job now) for the kids. A small but inspiring gesture. And it felt good to see that at the very least, one student followed my advice.
  3. The members of organizing committee of TechKriti - the annual tech-fest of IIT Kanpur have pledged to plant one tree a day - till the final day of TechKriti.
  4. Another group of people involved in Social Work, has decided to further contribute to the Swachch Bhaarat (Clean India) mission.
  5. Another student of mine, taking into account my other advice, has pledged to not take dowry, and encourage others to do the same
  6. Another friend, has pledged to do whatever he can to eliminate Corruption.
  7. Yet another group of my students, have pledged to help me in my main mission - providing education to all kids in India - so that there are no more child laborers in India.
  8. A few have pledged to become financially independent and support their families as soon as possible.
  9. Few have pledged to work somehow for the benefit of the armed forces of our country.
  10. A group of people has pledged to work for Rural India.

I really would love to go on with the list, but I think I have made my point. These are small gestures, but, they mean a lot to our country. I am moved by these gestures and really hope that others follow the suit.

Independence Day is not about remembering freedom fighters or posting status on Facebook; neither it is about expressing disgust about the poor state of things or be proud about things that we have achieved.

What it really stands for - is that we stand united as one and work towards a Better Bhaarat - one step at a time, one gesture at a time!

Bhaarat Mata ki Jai!

Happy Independence Day my friends.

PS: Yes that image is me teaching the kids from five years ago. The absence of School shouldn't get into the way of their Education, right?

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