Thursday, October 8, 2015

Things People Do

1. What do people do when you talk about next generation of stuff/ideas/theories/concepts?
Answer- They Ridicule you.

2. What do people do when you get down to implementing the idea?
Answer- They ignore you or say that you're going to fail.

3. What do people do when you're half way through?
Answer- They trouble you.

4. What do people do when you are successful with the implementation of your idea?
Answer- They say you are talented. Because they can't acknowledge that you are dedicated and passionate; that you persevered and most important of all - that you are a person with the guts to implement change.

5. What do they do when you enjoy the Karma-fal [results of your work]?
Answer- They say "Maze hain aapke" (it's luck that you enjoy)

6. What have they really done in the process?
Answer- Made you stronger - a level, even you dint believe you could get to.

7. What's the moral of the story?
Answer- Coal becomes Diamond only under extreme heat and extreme pressure.

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