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Abhay Ki Love Story (Part 1) - The Fateful Weekend.

NOTE: I had started writing about Abhay and his Story in 2011 under the Title 'The Relationship Stories' and had written 6 chapters. However, I had to discontinue because of other work I was doing. I will complete that story in the days to come, but its been more than 4 years now and things have changed. This is a new beginning.

Abhay is a very dear friend [name changed]. The story is inspired by his real life experiences and is being published in parts with his permission of-course. Names have been changed to hide identities.

It was a Sunday afternoon when Abhay looked at his whatsapp list, chose Naina and blocked her. It was a bold, painful but necessary. His thoughts wandered to what had happened just the last weekend...

Abhay had returned to India to attend a friend's wedding. He landed at Delhi. He had a couple of days to meet friends at Delhi, which he did. He then had to catch a flight to Bangalore for which he started about 2 hours before the flight. Somehow that day, there was too much traffic, and he missed the flight.He was determined to reach Bangalore before Wedding. He promised himself, "Even if I have to sit on the top of the airplane to get to the Wedding, I will". He knew that was physically impossible, but such was his determination.

While in cab, he had realized, he won't make in time, so he immediately booked a 01:00 AM flight. He reached the airport 15 minutes after the flight had departed. And he did reach Bangalore at 4 AM. He checked-in at the hotel at 6:00 AM and went to sleep. It was 9:00 AM when the alarms woke him up. He got fresh and called up Naina. She had promised to come and the plan was to go the Wedding Together. Abhay really didn't expect Naina to come, but she did!

Abhay and Naina had become very good friends in the last 6 months. They had been friends for about 2 years, but rarely met as Abhay had settled in the USA. About 6 months ago, Abhay had expressed his feelings for Naina.

When Naina came to the Hotel, Abhay was overjoyed. He asked permission to hug her and then kissed her... on the forehead.

Abhay asked Naina for her opinion about which dress to wear. She told him to wear a blue jacket matching her dress, which he politely refused. He too wanted to wear that, but the green jacket looked better. The both of them, then left to attend the marriage. 

Abhay was overjoyed to meet his friend. His friend asked, "Who is She?" to which Abhay replied. "The answer to the question you asked yesterday!". Ram (name of the friend), had asked Abhay about his relationship status a day earlier. Abhay had promised an answer on the day of the wedding.

Abhay & Naina, both came back to the Hotel. Abhay wanted Naina to Stay with him overnight. He felt she won't stay, since in India, a boy and a girl spending a night together in the hotel room will be taken only in one way. To his surprise, Naina agreed. She also informed him that it was her niece's birthday and that she had come to meet him rather than going to the birthday.

Abhay's joy knew no bounds. They spent the whole night talking about their past, sharing stories and singing songs. To Abhay, it seemed that Lord Krishna, had finally heard his prayers. He always wanted a partner who is almost like him. Fearless, passionate, impulsive, truthful. Their lives were so much alike that they seemed like mirror images of each-other. 

The next day was a Sunday, so there was no problem. Abhay was thanking God, that he had finally got his soul-mate. He just wasn't able to sleep. Naina had placed her head on his chest, which made him feel like all his pain had vanished instantly. He felt like the happiest person on the planet earth and just kept looking at Naina, who was sleeping in his arms.

Abhay woke up at 7:30 AM. The last time he remembered was 4:12 AM. Naina was still asleep. He got up and started doing his work. Naina had requested him multiple times to take up a job in Bangalore. Abhay was waiting for the perfect time to tell her that he had come to India not only to attend the friend's wedding but also to settle in Bangalore. He didn't want to wake her up, since she had told him in advance that she shouldn't be disturbed till 11 AM.

At about 8:30 AM, Naina woke up. Abhay asked her to go back to sleep, but she refused. Abhay then asked her to get ready for a photo-shoot, as they had planned earlier. Naina wasn't sure. She hesitated as she felt that she wouldn't look so good. Abhay promised her that he would bring out the best in her and then the photo shoot began!

Abhay then told her - "Look how beautiful you look when you see through my eyes", and showed her the photographs. It was unclear that it was the photos or the love of Abhay that Naina loved more, but she blushed. Her expressions became more visible as moments passed. They both had planned to go out together somewhere, but didn't. They just didn't want to leave, especially Abhay. He knew, that the outside world wouldn't provide him the privacy they needed. He also didn't want to waste even a single moment. Naina, it seemed, wasn't interested to go out either. It was past noon and they ordered lunch.  

Abhay then started to recite few poems he had written for her. She listened to each word spellbound. Abhay wasn't able to figure out what was going through her heart/mind and so he asked her, if she liked them and she replied by kissing him. Abhay felt like he was in heaven.

[To be continued in Part-2]

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