Friday, December 4, 2015

Aasthik's Confession!

Negative thoughts were circling my mind,
Thought I won't, ever, be able to find...

The one that I deserve, the one that I desire,
Whom heart truly loves and the soul admires...

Then you came along, with those blue eyes,
And I was swept away, by your sweet voice.

The Universe and the Gods, have together conspired,
All my Good Karma have at once, transpired! 

The moment I saw you, I knew in my heart,
We're meant to be together, till death do us apart!

I wasn't sure if it'll make you happy or sad,
Nor did I know, if it is for the best or the bad.

But my soul tells me that nothing is more true,
Then when I say "My mermaid princess, I love You!"

This connection that we share, is divine & spiritual,
Your gentle kiss, has worked like a miracle!

All the pain in my heart is already gone.
As if the lines of fate have been redrawn.

So today, once again, I am here to confess...
With you in my life, it feels really blessed!

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