Sunday, December 13, 2015

Aasthik's Training Rap Song.

People often ask me, "Please, tell us how to train..."
"Coz all our efforts, usually go down the drain."
Trainers want to know, my secret, my trick;They are usually clueless what makes people tick!

It's very simple if you use your heart,Training ain't science, its a magical art!
So here I am to tell you Mr. Trainer,Its so simple, almost a no-brainer.

Any crowd is full.. of people diverse,Train from your heart, no need to rehearse!
Always open with the master stroke,Everyone loves an opening Joke!

Be a little polite, be a little humble.If the situation demands, be the king of the jungle!
Remember, each one has different expectations,Their frequencies differ, as well as aspirations.

You need to be able to get their attention,To do that my friend, you need demonstration.

Conversation should be a two way street,
Making them to open up, is a notable feat.

Tell them clearly - "Not everything I know."
If you have weaknesses, just let them show.
Boost their courage, self-esteem and pride.Take then on an emotional roller coaster ride.
Tell them stories of the times you did fail,Among the storms how you managed to sail.

Let them know, you are one of them,
Its the pressure and heat, that makes a gem.
Say it openly, "It is OK to have flaws",I'm sure the statement, will earn you applause.

 Make them Think, Make them Smile. 
Win their Hearts - The Aasthik Style!
Make them Sing, Make them Dance,
Create a chance to take a Cricketing Stance! 

Make them Laugh, Make them Cry.Make them get up for the (n+1)th Try!!
Just be yourself - courageous and strong,Its OK to make mistakes, it is OK to be wrong.
Talk about Religion, Technology and Tax,Mention Software, Spirituality, even Sex!

Talk about things where others will hesitate,
Leave thoughts in their minds - let them resonate.
Then the final question is how to bring to an end?
Make them promise about things - that need change.

To conclude in a sentence, it is always about you,
Need to love yourself, before they love you!
Is there a golden rule on "How to Teach?"
Yeah its called, 'Practice what you Preach'.
A "training-poem" was what I wanted to write,
When I was done this "rap-song" came to light.
And I thought to myself, this ain't so bad,
Lets post it on LinkedIn and make people glad.
Thank you Ganesha for you're the real creator,This world is your stage, I am but a small actor.

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