Thursday, December 3, 2015

Abhay Ki Love Story (Part 3) - The Bribe that Wasn't !

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Abhay and Naina, both were a bit tired and bored since almost nothing looked interesting. Abhay had asked Naina to enter a few showrooms but she wasn't interested. Finally, something got her attention and together they entered the Pantaloons Showroom.

On entering, Abhay went to the ladies section and started looking for a purse for his Bhabhi Smita. He asked Naina for help. He had already made up his mind for the kind of purse he wanted to select. Naina provided choices of her own, but he refused. He looked into her eyes and realized that she seemed a bit hurt. So he quickly told her the kind of purse he was looking for and she then helped search it for him. Finally they agreed on one.

Abhay had various talents, an eye for detail and a strong memory were two most used by him. He was able to quickly identify a necklace which was very similar to the one Naina had wanted to buy for so long. Naina wasn't just impressed, she was mesmerized by Abhay's dedication and his love. However, there was one another necklace that she fell in love with, and yet another one captured Abhay's attention. Now they had to decide which one to buy! Abhay did what he always does in such situations, he asked the helper to keep all the 3 separately and told Naina that they will decide later.

He then asked the helper to assist him with the female clothes section, which the helper did.

Abhay has two weaknesses - he is short-tempered and very impatient. But at times like these, he converts his weaknesses into his strengths. He quickly identified 8-9 different clothes for Naina, and asked Naina to try them. Naina was impressed by his choices, except two. She loved all the rest. She tried them one by one, while Abhay took out his camera and started taking pictures of her. She blushed and hesitated at first, but then went ahead with the photo-shoot anyway.

Now, she was confused. She wasn't able to decide which one of the seven dresses to buy. Abhay was smiling, looking at her. She asked Abhay to help her decide. She did not know that Abhay had already decided. But before telling her that, Abhay wanted to tease her, so he said - "You are taking a lot of time." Naina replied - "So what? What's the hurry?" Abhay said, "No, hurry. So that means you are going to stay tonight with me again! I thought you wanted to go since you have to get ready for office tomorrow!" Naina blushed.

Abhay was easily able to read Naina's Naina (Naina in Hindi means eyes). She too wanted to stay with him. They went back downstairs. Abhay asked the helper to get all the stuff including the necklaces. Abhay again bought all 3 of them. Naina was surprised and a bit angry too at him, for buying so many stuff at once. Abhay simply said its his investment for the upcoming photo-shoots and that he wanted her to be the super-model. Naina smiled.

He then said, "You know, it is not a bribe to make you stay."

" I know", she replied.

And then hand in hand again, they started walking back. Abhay was a bit uncomfortable thinking about Naina who was wearing a sleeveless top and it was a chilly weather. He asked her why she didn't get a jacket, she replied, "I didn't plan to stay, remember?".

"And I do not feel cold. Sometimes I roam the streets of Bengaluru alone in my free time. Don't you worry." she said.

Abhay wrapped his hands around her shoulders, holding her gently, and they walked back together.

[To be continued in Part 4]

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