Saturday, December 5, 2015

Abhay Ki Love Story (Part 4) - The Kiss of Love!

Naina and Abhay came back to the Hotel. 

They dined at the restaurant and then entered their room 106.
The two separate single beds were a blessing in disguise for Abhay or so he felt. He had spread all his luggage on one bed so that only one of beds can be used for sleeping/resting. 
He drew Naina towards him such that her head was on his chest. He then started talking while caressing her hair simultaneously.
Naina asked Abhay to read out some of his poems. And this time, Abhay recited a poem he had written specifically for Naina while she was asleep-
"Negative thoughts were circling my mind,
Thought I won't, ever, be able to find...
The one that I deserved, the one that I desired,
Whom heart truly loved and the soul admired...
Then you came along, with those blue eyes,
And I was swept away, by your sweet voice.
The Universe and the Gods, have together conspired,
All my Good Karma have simultaneously transpired! 
The moment I saw you, I knew in my heart,
We're meant to be together, till death do us apart!
I wasn't sure if it'll make you happy or sad,
Nor did I know, if it is for the best or the bad.
But I knew in my heart that nothing is more true,
And that's my mermaid princess - 'I love You!'
This connection we have, is divine & spiritual,
Your gentle touch, has worked like a miracle!
All the pain in my heart is already gone.
As if the lines of fate have been redrawn.
So today, once again, I am here to confess...
With you in my life, it feels really blessed!"
Naina was perhaps too much touched by the poem. The moment Abhay finished the poem, she leaned over and started kissing him. Abhay hadn't expected this reaction. 

After sometime, Naina gently moved away and they both smiled. The feelings they had, can't be described in words. 

Naina then told Abhay - "You're the best pillow."
Lost in each-other, they did not realize when the sleep overpowered them.
At 6:37, Abhay woke up. He was sitting on the floor thinking about the last night, when he saw Naina getting up. She came to him and sat in front of him. Abhay seemed absent minded so Naina asked him, "What are you thinking about?".
"I am thinking about a dream I had last night. In the dream, you... you kissed me...", said Abhay.
"It wasn't a dream Abhay", said Naina. "Let me show you once again."
She leaned over and kissed him again.

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