Any doubts Abhay had about Naina's feelings for him disappeared in an instant. For the first time he held Naina like he owned her. His heart was beating much much faster. It was their first long kiss.

Abhay then requested Naina to wear the new dresses so that he may capture her beauty forever in his camera. Naina had two objections - one, she didn't want to spoil the dress second she still hadn't taken a bath. Abhay smiled and Naina gave in to his request. 
And when she came out wearing the first dress, Abhay was hypnotized. 

Abhay had two hats that he had bought in the USA. He took it out and wore it with pride. He loved his hat.
Naina has been asking him to give her his camera for last few months. This time, she snatched it from him, and took his image.
Abhay didn't like other people taking his images. He thought of himself as a good photographer, though many others thought he was a great photographer. Most times he wasn't satisfied with images other people took of him since his expectations were always high. But he couldn't really deny his princess. 
But when Naina showed him the pic she had taken of him, he realized Naina shared his creative skills. He remembered, she was the head of the Fine Arts Society in her college.
Abhay took batch the camera from her and asked her to pose for the photographs, but he asked her to wear his hat. He then took a few pics.

He then captured a close-up master-piece. 

Naina was desperate to see the images but Abhay refused to show them to her. He then asked her to wear his jacket. Naina thought it would look odd but couldn't say No to Abhay.
He then asked her to wear the other dressed. Black looked good on the both of them, so they decided to try it first.
[ NOTE: I feel the above image looks a lot like the real 'Naina' and also depicts her personality. ]

Then it was the time to try out the RED.
Abhay then requested Naina to take a selfie (of the two of them together). He hates taking selfies himself and continues to think that he is bad at taking selfies.
He then turned her around and kissed on her forehead. She closed her eyes...
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