Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Abhay Ki Love Story (Part 8) - Arrival of the The Aasthik!

"When are you coming to Bengaluru?", she asked. 
"You know I have already told you so many times. I am coming on 20th November!", I wrote. "But what makes you so much interested? It is not like you want to date me..."
"Who said I don't want to date you?", she wrote back.
"Remember, last time you wrote that you don't want to date me."
"That's because you asked me to come to Delhi."
"So does it mean when I come to Bengaluru, we are going on a date?"
"Obviously we are."
That was the conversation I had with her before I arrived in Bengaluru. It was time to inform my other friends about my arrival. So I called up Aakash. 
I arrived in Bengaluru. Ram had arranged for our stay in Hotel Select near Shivaji Nagar bus stand. It was night when I had arrived. The marriage was in two days and reception on 25th November in Goa. Ram was awake at night and was constantly in touch. I asked him to go to sleep. He was getting married the next day. He seemed pretty anxious so I asked, "Are you getting goosebumps and unable to sleep?".  "Yeah, pretty much!", he said. I asked him to go to sleep. Which he did not do.
When I arrived at the Kempogowda International Airport, got another message from Ram. He had informed me about the bus service. I saw the Indian National Flag hoisted and couldn't resist myself from taking a photographs. The light conditions were not good and it was dribbling.
I was about to board the bus when I met her - a foreigner. She was trying to to read the messages being displayed on the bus. She looked like she needed help. 
I walked up to her and asked if she needed help. She wanted to go to Hebbal. I did not know about it myself, so went to the inquiry counter and asked. I realized she and I had to board the same bus. I helped her with her luggage and started talking with her. She told me she was from Germany and had just come from Kerala. She hadn't been to the northern part of India. I took out my phone and started showing her some pictures I had taken during my recruitment trips. She told me about her family and that she had come to India in search of spirituality. The west is full of materialism she said. She had no children. Parents had passed away and I have no husband she said. Whether she was divorced or widow I could not understand. But it was clear that she was in pain. 
We started talking like friends, sharing stories and most of the passengers in the bus were staring at us. I noticed but then as I always say "Kya fark padta hai?" [how it does it matter what others think]. She was our guest in India, and it was our responsibility to help her so I did. She was confused as to when to get down, so I asked the conductor to let her know when her bus-stop "Hebbal" came. 
This particular bus did not go to Shivaji Nagar Busstand, so I had to get down at Coles Park. Took an auto from there and reached Hotel Select. 
"I have arrived Kiddo", I texted her. To my surprise, she hadn't slept either. "Now that you have arrived, I can sleep peacefully", she wrote. I dowsed off.I got up the next day, got ready and went to Ram's wedding. She came to the wedding too. 
Ram and his family was too busy. It was after about 9 years that I was about to meet Ram and his family.

And it was the first time I were to meet Smita - Ram's bride to be. 
Me and kiddo attended the wedding. I took some photographs and then without having lunch there, we left, because I wanted to spend more time with the Lioness. [Lioness /Kiddo is what I used to call her and she liked it very much].
We spent some good time together. And roamed around the streets of Bengaluru. This continued for 3 days and then it was time for me to leave for Goa. 
When I left for Goa, I realized I had left my heart in Bengaluru!

Little did I know at the time, that the next few days were going to change my life forever...

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