Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Failure - The End or a New Beginning?

Guest Article by Sonali Verma.

We all meet failure.The difference is some people get it early and others later.

Life start when you fail. It doesn't matter how you feel or what you like. Once you fail, at any point, suddenly your world changes. Sometimes, even people closest to you, now treat you differently/badly. They hardly want to even know where and how you are. This is the time to hit the ball once more.

What happens if you fail? It doesn't matter if people think less of you. The only thing that matters is BEING PRICELESS IN YOUR OWN EYES. Always keep in mind that God never creates junk.

Failure comes, not to fail you but to teach you a lesson via which you will win the biggest battle of life. So keep your feet on the floor and fight for your dreams because"kherat m to yahan sassein bhi nahi milti uske liy bhi massakat krni padti hai".

I don't know a person who was born and reached his/her goal without any failureFAILURES ARE THERE TO CREATE OUR SUCCESS STORIES. So what do you want to do? Either sit and cry or enjoy your struggle to create beautiful history...choice is always yours.

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