Friday, January 1, 2016

Twenty Fifteen.

Dear Twenty fifteen, time has finally come
To bid you farewell, I write this poem.

I must say, you have been the most naughty so far
Never before has been a year so interesting, so bizarre

Hence you deserve a special mention,
You have left an everlasting impression.

You began with a promise, of things to come.
It was 1st of January, when you were welcomed.

Your onset began with uncertainty,
Where I lost all my creativity.

Quarter one was doubts, dilemma & confusion
Quarter two was diabetes and clinical depression

On the bright side there was promotion
Then there was the grand family celebration.

The first half led to a lot of introspection.
Most of times were my ‘moments of reflection’.

Then came the long awaited Quarter three,
When I was liberated and set free.

There were challenges but I was in a position,
Where nothing else mattered except my mission.

Brimming with confidence, I marched ahead
Thought I was destined for the journey ahead

Then came a point that tested my faith,
I stood firm & Strong, did not hesitate.

I lost my job, but gained love & respect,
Then came a turn-around I didn’t expect.
You brought promises of a heavenly life. I felt that finally I found my purpose in life. The times I spent in love, I could never forget, The Sun that shone in my heart, will never set.

I embarked on that journey without any thought,
And in your immense Tsunami, I was caught.

You brought me love that was awesome.
But then followed the pain, really gruesome

I will always be thankful for those moments,
Love, intimacy, togetherness and enjoyments.

But then you brought the pain & a heart so sore.
You made me cry like never before!

I never would have known I was so vulnerable,
After all my fights I thought I was invincible.

You made me realize my weaknesses,
Though I agree, I made some mistakes.

Thought I had become completely detached,
Then realized you had my Achilles’ heels breached

And now that you are going, leaving things behind;
I want you to know, you will always be on my mind.

Thank you for a complete roller coaster ride,
Glad for 365 day-nights, you were at my side.

So Twenty Fifteen, this is my way to say goodbye.
Not sure it is good enough, nevertheless a try...

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