Thursday, February 11, 2016

Can Success be Defined?

Hello Everyone. My name is Sonali and this is my second article here at

The Question that's infront of us today, is that can success be defined? If yes, can we define success? This post will try to explore the same...

Let me narrate a short real life story of a person named as GOPAL,current age 28,married and have a boy child of age 4.

Gopal is a very intelligent and studious person.He qualified the exam after 12th and got admission in a government college for doing polytechnic.He completed his graduation with the aggregate of 78%.
His father is a drunker and his mother put all her saving on her son's education with the hope that one day her son will get a job and the condition of family will be improved.

Today he is unemployed,he does not have any job but family and responsibility both are at stake.He tried a lot but did not got any job.Finally he find himself ,working as a labour on the daily wages of rps 450 is more economical than sitting ideal.This was all OK  as everyone has struggle in his/her life.The moment i got surprised when he told me even today his wife and mother think that he is working in a company at a very good position.He does not want his wife to feel guilty in front of anyone that her husband is a qualified labor.I was feeling like someone narrating me the story of any movie.I mean really "REEL LIFE CAN BER REAL ONE?".
I just solute the spirit of Gopal ,who still struggling for the things he deserve otherwise people are in habit of blaming others and offcousre the universal blamer is "GOD" hahaha....

In today's world people are so egoistic that for their self respect they can do anything neither they give regard  to the age or experience of the person .And that educated man(Gopal) spend all his time with those people we even can't imagine.
I am not getting what has happened to today's youth .Guys life doesn't end with any hurdle.I don't think Gopal lacks anywhere he gave his 100%,but still didn't get what he deserve.Inspite of stopping and crying on his fate he choose to fight for his dream.


Stop crying,Stop complaining,Stop condemning just stand up fight for your dreams,work for your dreams,no one can stop you ,no one has the guts to stop you!

Always Remember "Etihaas k panno par karwa yui hi nhn likha karte,uske liy kisi ek ko uthna padta hai,duniya s ladna padta hai,apni jidd k aage sabko jhukana padta hai.log to yhn bethe hai bolne k liy ACCHA YA BURA Y hmpr depend krta hai"

Zara khud s puch kr to dekhiy    AAP KYA CHAHTE HAIIII.....:)


  1. Oss inspiring story my frnd,really bound u to enhance your thoughts