Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I realized, what I really wanted to be...

At 12, I wanted to be a Cricketer
I was told, "Education is more important"

At 14, I wanted to be an IAS Officer
I was told, "IAS Officers are just politicians' Dogs"

At 15, I did not know what to do next
I was told, "Take Maths"

At 16, I wanted to know what was IIT
I was told, "It s not in your reach"

At 17, I wanted to explore my interests
I was told, "Your one & only aim should be IIT"

At 20, I wanted to be a poet,
I was told, "Poetry will not get you money"

At 22, I wanted to be part of Campus Recruitment, so I shifted from R&D to HR
I was told, "You will not be able to handle it."

At 24, I was enjoying my work and exploring the country
I was told, "Get an MBA"

At 26, I was training IITians/NITians/MBAs on weekends
I was told, "Get MS from Foreign University"

At 27, my health deteriorated
I was told, "Get Married"

At 28, I wanted to be a Faculty
I was told, "Get Ph.D."

Luckily, I didn't follow any of the advise except one ( I took Maths) or succumb to any of the societal norms and pressure.

At 29, I realized that what I've really wanted all along and what's most important in life- is to be FREE & HAPPY.
I am often told, "You're crazy."

There is no point in slogging office hours or getting degrees just to earn more money or status if you aren't free and happy. Freedom and happiness are the two most important things. And I am not talking about temporary happiness here. I am talking about Happiness that comes naturally everyday when you are actually living your life freely, without throwing your happiness and/or freedom for money, and/or status.

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