Sunday, October 1, 2017

Random Quora Stuff - Part 1 - High Paying Jobs.

The following is an answer by Mr. Imtiaz Mohammad to the Question What are the negative effects of getting a high salary? on Quora.

Once, while I was in the US, I booked an Uber (the economical option) and waited for it to show up. Within a few minutes, a massive, black and shiny SUV slowed down and the driver and I acknowledged each other. Before I said anything, he added “I know you booked the cheaper thing but I wanted to drive around someone to have a chat. I will charge you for the cheaper version only.”
On the way, he told me his story. He was a very successful trader in the stock market and had made millions already. But, he needed people around him to connect at a personal level. He started driving random people to random destinations just for one purpose - to feel real. Too much money had distorted his being.
High paying jobs are usually very stressful and affect your mental and physical health. Relationships, both at work and home are among the victims. Sometimes you will be forced to do things that are unethical just to stay where you are. It becomes hard to slow down, distinguish between right and wrong or even to think of it in the race to nowhere.
Too bad, life doesn't teach you those lessons until you become rich at the expense of health, relationships and life.

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